Monday, December 13, 2021

Change of Scenery Has Occurred

 We had some weather between the time the young man came to tell me about the ash tree slated for removal, and the time it actually happened. We had snow, hail, and rain on various days, and a mix of two a couple days. Things were soggy, somewhat frozen, and back to soggy with several days of no precip. It was at the start of that several days when they arborists came back and got to work.

It turns out that the tree had started to show some rot, which was why they felt it was time to take it down. A good strong wind could make part of it break off and fall on their barn. It's a crotched tree and yes, nearly everywhere there was a vee, there was a bit of worry. When the arborist saw me hanging clothes on the line, he came over to talk to me and explained more about the condition of the tree. He also said the neighbours did not want the wood for burning and wondered if I would like it. He explained it would make his job much easier if I said yes, that since ash has a low moisture content, it doesn't need to age the way other trees do. It can be burned pretty much as soon as it's cut.

Many people here burn wood for heat, and the neighbours were offering me a great kindness. I thanked the arborist and told him, yes and thank you. They went one better than that. I had expected the crew to drop the tree where it was and leave it there for me to cut up. Nope, they cut much of it in woodstove lengths and moved it with their backhoe or tractor to various dumping places in my yard. The woodshed area was not easy for them to access, and the two areas they deposited most of the logs are close by so easy enough for us to move and split.

I want to deliver a nice bottle of wine to our neighbours and attach the note, "Wood you be so kind as to accept our thanks?" They haven't been home much since the tree came down, as they are busy with their business, which they moved from their house to a nearby office, and they have done a bit of travelling to see family. Come to think of it, I'd like to add a charcuterie board and some nice dog treats for their dog, Watson.

I feel so blessed to have such great neighbours.


  1. Sad to lose a tree, but at least it will have a second Life as heat. So many here just chip the lot.
    Good neighbours are valuable!

    1. Agreed, gz. I chatted with the wife, and she said they were sad to have to take the tree down. They currently can't use it for heat and thought it would be nice if someone could.

      I plan on making a standing rib roast for Christmas and told her I'd be glad to give Watson the bones. She thanked me on his behalf. He chewed on my mitten while we were talking.