Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bra shopping, an update

Readers may remember an earlier blog post where i mentioned just how insufferable it is to find a bra that fits properly. Well, on Monday, i must have inadvertently slipped through a wormhole into a parallel universe, because on a whim, i stopped in a department store i rarely frequent, and went to the ladies undergarment section. I picked two bras that looked like they might work for me.

The first one fit perfectly, the second, not as well.

Shocked, i went back out and picked up two more like the first, but in different colours, and two more that were by the same manufacturer but not an underwire style.

They all fit. Well.

I didn't need them all, but i did select three and put the rest back.

I'm quite certain that now i found some that fit so well, i'll either lose or gain tremendous amounts of weight, so that they'll be ill-fitting in no time.

Still, that foray through the wormhole was nice.

I may just write the manufacturer a thank you note.