Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get ready for some fuzzy cuteness

I have been trying to get a good picture of Jim, but he moves around a lot adding to my ineptness as photographer. My friend's 10-year-old grandson, he of spicy ketchup potato chip/crisps fame, took 2 very good photos, so i might be asking if i can get a copy of each.

Meantime, these shall have to suffice.

He loved the kitty doorstop the first week and flung himself off him. Nowadays, it's a simple climb over.

He sat still long enough, so I clicked the button and ignored the bad lighting.

He likes to climb, and I had forgotten I had put this silly thing on the chair in the living room. Jim thought it was there for his amusment. He sees the toy potential in everything.

He's testing out the toy possibilities. It's shiny and it might move.

Pausing a moment.


  1. He's certainly a cutie. Our Tabby becomes wilder by the day. He sleeps under my chin, at night, whilst clawing at my bare arms, then disappears until the next feeding time. We hardly ever see him, just feel him in the darkness.

  2. I still close Jim in my office at night. He sometimes plays a bit before he settles down, but he no longer cries if he hears anyone still up and about. The older cats still look relieved when they realise they have the rest of the house fully to themselves, and i spend time alone with each one. Jim still hasn't worked out that everyone gets 1-on-1 time with the human; he thinks the others stay away by choice, and he chooses not to do so.