Sunday, October 28, 2012

Willow Manor Ball

We had to scurry around and batten all the hatches in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy's arrival, so i didn't think we'd make it to the ball at all!

However, we are here with bells (and masks) on. Plan on spinning around the dance floor a few times since i am out of my walking cast, although i did have to compromise and wear sensible shoes.

My date was a bit hesitant at first about attending, but i assured him that all of us will be masked, so he needn't worry. Here he is, putting on his dress mask. He felt that since this is a dressy affair, he should wear that rather than his usual workaday one.

I'm so glad the weather hasn't dampened anyone's spirits! The music is just lovely, and thanks, Willow Manor for hosting such a lovely, lovely event.


  1. Stay safe...I hope it isn't as bead as the are predicting!

  2. So glad you could make it. I gather a few from the eastern seaboard have had to realign their priorities. I have danced insanely and am now sitting out a few with my date, Johnny Depp. He asks if you Lone Ranger is the one from his recent film. We are busy downing hamburgers and fries. Johnny is in pirate garb and not Tonto.

  3. I like sensible shoes specially when I am going dancing ~

    Be safe ~

  4. Ahh, the Lone Ranger - mysterious!

  5. I saw you, I saw you; but only from afar.

  6. I have loved Lone Ranger for a long time. And when I saw both of you, I could only stare - star struck!

  7. It was lovely meeting you at the ball!

  8. Gill and Heaven, who says sensible shoes have to be boring?? And since my date loves to dance, i wanted to be able to keep up.

    Patti, it's bad, although we are not in the path of the storm, it will hit farther south and west when it makes landfall. We are looking at high winds, some rain, and what's most worrying is storm surge. Heard on one newscast 30 ft (~9m) surge, so there will be flooding most likely. I am 3 miles (~5km) inland, so should be all right.

    Jacqui, i'd love to tell you moore about his identity, but he would be very disened were i to do so. We saw you and Johnny enjoying a bite to eat. I loved your outfit.

    Yes, ReBelle, even though i've seen him sans mask, he's still mysterious.

    Cro, i saw you too with Eleanor. Such an amazing woman, and her laugh was delightful.

    ninotaziz, i wish you'd have said hello. With everyone wearing masks, i wasn't sure that you were you!

    Yoli, agreed. I'm so glad i was able to make it this year!