Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wonder what happened

to G. We dated briefly, before i met Himself, and from time to time, he dances across my brain, and i wonder how he fared.

I was reminded of him last night when poring over old photos. I had mentioned to someone how Himself, when younger, looked a lot like Daniel Craig. Not the spitting image, but enough so that you'd think them related, and another friend, who first met Himself at my wedding agreed with me. So there i was, looking through some old photos i had neither categorised nor filed, when i came across a packet i had taken at G's housewarming party. I loathe getting my picture taken, but there were two snaps of me there, and i remember the evening well. It was a very fun party attended by all of our colleagues, a few of their friends, spouses, or lovers, and by one of G's housemates.

I dated the photo packet, which was unlike me, and i wrote the names of everyone on the back of each photo. I must have been in one of my organising moods and was glad of it now, as one or two names escaped me when i looked at the photographs, but rushed back as soon as i read the scrawl. Of course! How could i forget Russell's name? Or Junata's?

I don't know why i showed up with my camera, but i'm glad i did. I've lost touch with everyone in the photos but recalled each acquaintance or in some cases friend with fondness. One former colleague, Tony, went into banking around the same time i did, and we stayed in touch for quite a few years after the party. He and his partner had invited Himself and me to a party at their house, and i jokingly asked if we were the token straight couple on the guest list, as Tony had felt he and his partner had been the token gay couple at a number of social functions.

One snap of me showed me on Bill's lap. Bill was calm, steady, and a really nice guy. There'd never been any spark between us but mutual affection aplenty, and Tony was gobsmacked when he found out Bill was gay. Tony was very out before it was the thing to do, and Bill didn't see the point of advertising. Bill was with a dancer, J, for quite some time, and i think i put my foot in it when years later, i saw Bill with another man when Himself and i were having a meal at a local restaurant, and asked Bill how J was. Right after i enquired, Bill gave me a funny look, and i apologised to the other man, saying i hadn't seen Bill in quite some time and was just wanting to catch up. I slunk back to my table as quickly as i could. I just didn't think about his being on a date with someone; hell, i've been out to restaurants with men who weren't my husband or date, and never gave it a thought.

I looked at the several pictures of G and smiled a bit. He was trying to find himself when we were dating, and while i would have been happy to wait for him, he decided he needed to go off by himself. I wished him well and still do. Wherever he may be.


  1. lots of good memories there for you I'm guessing?


    1. Yes, and i had forgotten a good many, but looking at the photos brought them back. Not in a melancholy way, either. Just relived some fun moments.

  2. I wouldn't dare think such thoughts; Lady Magnon has ESP and would get out her rolling pin!!!

    1. Too bad, Cro. I never gave an account in excruciating detail, but Himself knows that i had a life before i met him. Just as i know he had one before he met me.