Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter project

SFB, my sailing friend, suggested that i add sail slugs to my mainsail, as it would make it easier lowering it, and easier to furl. These are little plastic, wood (old days) or metal sliders that one attaches to the edge of the sail, and the sliders go in the slot up the mast rather than the edge of the sail. Not so much difference when raising the sail, but when lowering it, the sail edge pulls out making it a pain to try and furl, especially when there's a lot of wind and if i'm sailing solo.

He helped me, and of course the cats were on hand to inspect.

Jim chewing on the telltale. The telltale is a bit of yarn that catches the breeze, and is quite a help to the helmsman.

JoJo stayed on the cedar blanket chest, catching the sunrays on her one side while looking at me. Not a great pic lighting-wise, but it shows the sweetness in her face.

Here, we're making progress. We've measured where we want the slugs to be (using the shiny binder clips to mark the spot), have got the webbing cut, and are on our way.

This slug is attached, and the webbing is first held fast with some two-sided tape, then a palm is used to help push the needle through to sew it in place. The thread is actually waxed twine.

Phoebe prefers to be cosy warm by the woodstove, and took a nice long stretch while the rest of us were occupied with the sail.

JoJo and Jim earned a well deserved nap after all their help.


  1. I would love to know what the round thing is, by the side of your wood-burner????

  2. Ah, you call it a 'Telltale', we used to call them the 'Wools'. I used to love it when the wind was steady, you could set the boat and then lie back with one hand on the tiller and just 'sail on the wools'. Really therapeutic.

    I would also like to know what that round thing is now that Cro has piqued my curiosity...

  3. He lye looks as though he's having his teeth pulled

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  5. The round thing is actually supposed to hold firewood. The smaller square/rectangular looking piece in front of it is supposed to clip on to the circle which is actually two circles, and acts as a platform for the stacked wood. I thought to set it up, but the cats played with it when it was empty, knocked the thing over, and frightened themselves, so i've not set up it up this season.

    John, i also thought of this as Jim's attempts to floss his teeth.

  6. What I tried to say was....I am happy to see Jim and Phoebe sharing the couch.

  7. Actually, Patti, it's Jim and Jo sharing the couch. Phoebe and Jim are not friends because of Phoebe. Jim is willing. Phoebe is.not.

    Still, seeing Jim and Jo share the space and be peaceful is progress. And although Phoebe still hisses at Jim, it's not as full as vitriol. Small steps.

  8. Oops! i see i have it labelled as Phoebe and Jim rather than JoJo and Jim on the loveseat. I need to update that. Thanks, Patti---i wouldn't have taken a second look otherwise.