Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too. damn. early. And yet...

I ran errands over my lunch break yesterday. I stopped at a local department store, which resembles a throwback to earlier department stores, as it has clothing, shoes, housewares, toys, and some foodstuffs for sale. I picked up some food items, and on my way towards the back corner of the store to the foodstuffs section, i saw an endcap display with Christmas cards. I groaned.

And, completely surprising myself, picked up a box.

At checkout, i remarked about how it seemed way too early.

Both the cashier and bagger nodded in agreement.

"Yet, here i am buying them all the same, so what does that say about me?"

They both smiled and said nothing.

Too. damn. early. Just hope i can find the @#($#( box when i'm ready to fill out and send the cards.


  1. Christmas cards in August?
    Bloody hell
    Retail therapy gone mad

  2. Write out 100 times 'I must not buy Christmas cards in August'.

  3. I was just whining in the grocery store last week because they had Halloween junk up! Christmas? No....

  4. I remember the year (long ago) when my mother bought a blue girdle for one of my sisters. She hid it someplace and couldn't find it when Christmas rolled around. I think she came across it the next summer.