Friday, March 28, 2014

Lovely winter we're having this spring

Yes, i saw that on a friend's facebook wall, and it sums up what's been going on here for March. We've had three days so far that are above normal temperatures, one day that's normal temperature for this time of year, and all the rest have been colder than usual.

The ground is still about 75% covered with snow, and we've had snow twice this week. No accumulation, unlike east of me where they got pounded earlier in the week and vicious winds to boot. We got the winds but just missed getting the load of snow. And by just missed, i mean a half hour further east had ploughable snow.

I've had several flocks of turkeys come to the bird feeder, as i strew bird seed on the ground for the ground feeders. Several squirrels nosh there, too, and a each season for the past few years, there seems to be one enterprising one who flings himself from the top of the fence to the bird feeder, lands, and it swings wildly while he reaches down to help himself to the bird seed. The ground feeders like the arrangement very much, giving them easy pickings.

Even the animals seem winter weary as i refill the feeder. I have to think spring is really and truly coming, as i smelled a skunk last night, which is a sure sign. And, at the second to last big snowstorm, i paid to have a man come with a backhoe or skidsteer and move the snowbank back from the driveway to allow for extra snow. That's a sure sign of no more snow, right? Right?

In the meantime, my stablelicers are still on my shoes, we've one more weekend of playing hockey, and i have to hope that when March goes, it takes winter with it. I'm ready for mud season.

Stabilicers® Add tremendous traction in icy conditions. Much cheaper than having to pay for a broken leg.


  1. Talking about sensible footwear, here our problem is that by ten in the morning, the sand is too hot to walk on in bare feet!

  2. Ugh. Us too. We have 60 degree days followed in swift succession by snow. I feel toyed with....

    1. Maria, we've not had 60 degree days since September. But, i do think spring has finally arrived! The pussy willows have popped, and most of the snow has melted.