Tuesday, April 22, 2014

She's gone 'round the bend methinks

Okay, i know this is a bit silly, but it caught my fancy. A local weekly paper ran the ad that at a nearby museum, a car will be raffled a week before my birthday. The car looks like this:

I know it's insane. I'm mechanically retarded so i do not belong even *thinking* about having an MG, but i've always loved them, ever since my dad had a 1955 or was it a 1958 MG hardtop. A little red two seater with a miniscule back seat. How i cried when he sold that car. My brother and i were getting too big to squish ourselves in the back.

I was going to buy one ticket and opted instead for two.

Just one of those flight of fancy moments, but it looks like such FUN and who wouldn't want tool around in this 1951 MG TD roadster?


  1. Lovely. I have driven one; I think it was a TF. I would probably have gone as far as three tickets!

  2. Write "My new car" on the tickets and put them in your wallet.

  3. I would love to have that car, but I'd be scared to drive it. People drive like maniacs in my city.


  4. You love what you love. I absolutely adore Hummers. I live in a climate where there is a lot of snow and ice during the Winter and I have often longed for a vehicle that could just cut through all that like butter. Our next door neighbor has a Hummer and he gave me a ride to work one morning the day after a blizzard. Not one problem! I was in mad love. My partner says we will buy one over her dead body. That they are gas guzzlers. I don't care! I love them!

  5. It's lovely......classy and retro