Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green leaf=happiness

About a month ago, i was making something that required horseradish. I've used the stuff in a jar before with good results, but the grocery store didn't have what i needed. They carried a horseradish sauce that had all sorts of stuff in it. I wanted just horseradish in a jar, kept with a bit of vinegar and salt. None to be had.

Plan B found me in the produce section, and there i found some horseradish roots. I picked one, and once i got home, i cut off what i needed for my recipe. There was a bit left, and as we like cocktail sauce with shrimp, i decided i might as well prepare the rest in the empty horseradish jar. So, i peeled and grated all but the very end of the root that had thin little white roots dangling like a straggly beard. The root had actually been two grown together, and i untangled the straggly bits, making it easy to separate the two like cloves in a garlic bulb.

I got a bit of potting soil and used two small yogurt containers for pots, figuring i might as well try and grow them out. Last spring, i had gotten some roots to plant from a nearby nursery. I dutifully kept them refrigerated and waited for most of the snow to melt before putting them in good sized pots and burying the in the garden outside. They never sprouted. I had nothing to lose if i tried sprouting these and kept the little pots on the kitchen windowsill.

I watered them every so often, usually weekly, and last week i found myself wondering why i should bother? I'd give it until spring before i considered it a total failure.

Yesterday, while chatting with Himself on the phone, i happened to look at the little pots. One had a green leaf stretched to the light outside, a long, slender leaf! I was surprised how happy it made me.

Its appearance reminded me that it's nearing time for me to consider starting some seedlings.


  1. yes we are heading towards that time of year!!!!!!!!

  2. I did exactly the same many years ago, and have had a constant supply ever since! But I still like shop-bought Sainsbury's Horseradish Sauce.