Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday night chit-chat 26 Feb 2012

No photo-the one from yesterday's entry will have to do.


Still reading through the Boatkeeper book, in addition to How to Sail by Carl D. Lane (and subtitled "A Complete Handbook of the Art of Sailing for the Novice and the Old Hand"), This Old Boat by Don Casey, and snippets from The Yeast Syndrome by John P. Trowbridge, M.D., and Morton Walker D P.M., and Sugar Blues by William Dufty. I'm working on setting up the jobs list for the boat once we get warmer weather, and as i gave up sugar for Lent, i thought the latter two books a good source of inspiration.

I debated about going to see this movie, and after reading John's review, i decided i would go see it. I think it should win best picture, best actor, and best supporting actress. The music really added something to the film as well. And, i loved Uggs, who played The Dog. Yes, it's none other than "The Artist."

Two weeks ago, i saw "The Descendants," which is also an excellent film. George Clooney does an amazing job, but i do believe Jean Dujardin is just a skosh better. I'd also like to see a foreign actor win the best actor award. It doesn't happen very often, especially when the actor doesn't speak English as a first language.

Listening to
Ingrid Michaelson and She and Him. There's also a very stark version of I Put a Spell on You that's amazing here.

Nothing noteworthy. Made a pot of chili that hit the spot.

Happy you accomplished this week
One step closer to getting taxes done. I was hoping to have them all done by this weekend, but any inroads there are successes in my book.

Updated my spending log. I've had 24 no-spend days since New Year's Day. :0)

Looking forward to next week
I forgot to sign up for a class and want to see if there's still room.

Thankful for today
Sunshine, a chance to relax a bit, and a great two hours of hockey this afternoon. I scored a goal in the second game.


  1. I haven't seen any of the big winners this year but really want to see HUGO & The Descendants.. Love me some Clooney!! Yum! ;) Enjoy your hockey game!!

  2. Way to go on the goal!!

    I have many movies to put on my must see list now!

    Good luck with giving up sugar... do you do this every Lent period? I seem to remember you've done it before? The closest I've ever gotten to that is eating primarily whole foods on the old Core diet in Weight Watchers... after a while of eating only healthy foods, the cravings went away. That's only if I didn't do any baking though!!

  3. Thanks for the hockey well wishes and kudos!

    I did give up sugar last year for Lent, and that was the first time in a long time. I meant to blog about it a week ago, but the Shrove Tuesday blog entry came out instead.

  4. Hi Megan, I thought I'd come over and say hello, after I read your comment on Johns blog. My family also comes from Ponty and my Nans name was Hill before she married. Small world! :-)