Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Found the spreaders!

Thank you for all the good vibes, thoughts, and prayers. Yes, that which was lost has been found. Only they weren't lost, i simply didn't know where they were.

I was talking with Himself on the phone and said how i had looked without avail. He said that he remembered them being with the antenna for the radio, and he remembered the spreaders being grey. I had remembered them being black, but Himself has better recall with colours than i do. I knew right where the antenna was, it was in the red trunk. I remember placing it in there so it wouldn't get damaged in winter storage. I used the top tray for small items that i had aboard that i wanted to keep together and away from mice or chipmunks that insist on making their way in the barn.

After the phone call, i went to the barn, armed with a flashlight (torch) as daylight was fading, opened the trunk, removed the top tray, turned on the flashlight, saw the antenna straightaway, and next to it, two grey flattish things that i knew were the spreaders. Himself had gone to the trouble of labelling them in indelible marker, Port--Top and Starboard--Top. I smiled and turned them over. The underside was black. That's why i remembered them as being black. Because the boom and mast are both black. And, when your eye follows up the mast to the spreaders, they are also black to match the boom and mast.

I did a happy dance, thanked God repeatedly, and went back inside to call Himself with the good news.

And yes, i know i still need to continue with the boat story--i've been waylaid by real life, what with work and taking a week off to attend a friend's wedding then go sailing for several days. Then return to work to find myself extremely busy.

So, i haven't forgotten, but have some pressing things just now.

Oh, and i thought it might be best to add a photo for those who don't know what spreaders are. If you look at the mast (long pole thing in the middle of the boat, not the jib that's got the red sail stop) you see two black things intersecting that look something like a cross bar. It's not a cross bar, but each of those is attached to mast, and that is what the spreaders are. the little white things on the end of each spreader are boots.

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  1. The boat looks nice... and what wonderful spreaders!