Friday, June 15, 2012

Guess who came to brunch?

I telecommute, and when i have a tight deadline, which i have had all week, i tend to be in my own little world and cognizant of little else.

Just before 10.00 yesterday, i used the rest room and on my way back to the office, i happened to glance outside through the sliding glass door in the living room. It took me a full two seconds to understand what i was seeing.

To give an ideal of scale, the fence is about 3 feet/1 metre high.

When he had sampled enough of the bird seed on the ground, he decided it would be nice to have a taste of some of the suet i had in the suet feeder. On his hind legs, he's about 5 ft (1.53 m) tall.
Here, he seems to be testing the lazy susan feature of the suet feeder (which is a small log with holes drilled in it, which i stuff with suet). The shepherd's hook has gone from being perpendicular to the grass to a 58° angle more or less.

He decided to check out the ground again for any seed he may have missed.

JoJo was as interested in the proceedings as i was.

He left as quietly as he had appeared. I turned my back for a minute to check email as i heard the chime and was expecting an email regarding the project i was working on. In that minute, he vanished, and this was the aftermath.


  1. I would have ran for the hills!

  2. I thought it much safer to stay inside the house.

  3. Forget deadlines! What a sight.

  4. Yes, Joanne, i thought so, too, and spent the better part of 20 minutes watching. When i heard the chime, it brought me back to what i had been doing before going to the loo.

    I worked late yesterday and am working late today as well in order to meet the deadline. I'd like to be done by dark.

  5. Was that a friggin' BEAR? Call the Fire Brigade at once!

  6. We had a similar visitor last Friday but in the wee hours so I didn't see her. We woke up to the hummingbird feeders on the ground, slightly mangled and the shepherds hook hunched over much like yours. Scary part is 1 of the feeders is 5' from the bedroom window and the dogs didn't even make a peep.

  7. I called the town office the next day. They gave me the name of the animal control warden, so i chatted with him. He said he wasn't surprised i saw a bear, and when i mentioned i had pictures, he asked if i'd send them along. I live on the bottom of a hill, and there are several hills all around where there are loads of blueberry bushes. A neighbour caddy-corner to our house told me soon after i got here that he and his wife sometimes saw bears coming down the hill in the summer, although they hadn't seen them lately.

    The bird and suet feeders are being retired for the summer.

    I do wonder if he'll be back for the raspberries. I hope not, as i'd like to freeze the ones we don't eat fresh. I made jam a few years ago, and still have some of that kicking around.

  8. Oh wow!! I can't even imagine!! That's one animal that I thankfully haven't seen around here! lol! They are amazing creatures though!!