Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday night chit chat, 23 September 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

“Those who wish to sing will always find a song.” - Celtic Proverb

A few things at the moment.  "Advanced Sailing" by Tony Gibbs, "Grandma's Wartime Kitchen" by Joanne Lamb Hayes and "Eating for Victory" by Jill Norman

Nothing on the screen lately 

Listening to
JoJo crunch kibble. 

The weather's turned colder, and i decided to make some macaroni skillet pizza. I don't have pasta very often, so this is a treat.

Happy you accomplished this week
One part of a very long, difficult work project. I've got another section to go and am hopeful that i'll have it finished by Tuesday. 

Got to see some sailing friends yesterday as they returned to port and before they headed for home.
Finished one of two mittens and hope to have the other done by this time next week.

My name was selected to win a drawing. I don't know what the prize is, but am shocked that i won, so that i shall like the prize no matter what it is!

Looking forward to next week
Visit from a loved one next weekend. It'll be nice to catch up.

Thankful for today
Glorious weather. It was hot outside, and i was wishing i could have gone sailing or hiking today. After allowing myself 10 minutes to pout about my walking cast, i decided that i could enjoy things around the house and be a patient patient by keeping the leg elevated.

Bonus Question
You receive an unexpected large sum of money. It's a BIG number. Whats the first thing you do with it?
Believe it or not, i've thought about this from time to time, and with different numbers. No matter what, i'm giving away at least 10%; i have some pet charities and organisations i like and believe in, so should like some of the monies to go there. And perhaps to some who are very dear to me. If the number is BIG enough, i'd pay off all the debt (real estate debt). If there was still money left, i'd have to think about next steps. Would i be able to work part-time rather than full-time as i am now? Would i be able to retire at this very moment? Even if the answer were yes, i'd never have to work another job for pay again, i'd still give a two-week notice. I think i'd need at least that long to get over some of the shock!

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  1. Mmmm.. your dinner sounds wonderful! :) You'll have to let us know what your "prize" is! Loved that you said charity, I would do that as well, I think it's a must in life to give as you can!