Monday, September 17, 2012

The boot

Last Tuesday, i saw a simple tribute to 9/11 that i thought quite moving and wanted to take a few pictures of it. So, upon returning home from my errand, i got the digital camera took the short 10-minute walk to the fire station to snap a few pics and was on my home when i fell off the curb.

Yes, just another cackhanded moment, and my foot hurt a bit as i got up and walked the rest of the way home. I also had cut my hand a little when i fell on the pavement.

I cleaned myself up, got a bag of ice for my foot, and elevated the limb while the ice bag rested on my foot. Then i felt a queer stiffening along the outside of my foot and called my doctor's office. A visit there, a ride to the X-ray machine, and a visit with an orthopedist confirms that i have fractured my foot.

So, i'm wearing a walking cast, elevating my foot for most of the day, and keep the boot on unless i'm bathing or sleeping. Although for the first two days, i kept it on whilst sleeping, too.

My sailing season is over for the year. Ditto kayaking. No running, skating, hockey, hiking for awhile. Not sure how long, since it depends upon how bad the fracture is and how quickly the patient heals. I'm to have a two-week follow up, which is actually 16 days after The Event.

Driving is a challenge since my car is a standard transmission, and the boot doesn't allow my foot to bend the way it needs to in order to depress the clutch fully. So, i limit my driving to "only when absolutely necessary" moments and wear a slip-on clog for the drives.

The cats are purring, I haven't forgotten everything i learned from when i had the broken leg, and i believe if i'm a patient patient, the healing will come sooner rather than later.

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I did do an Internet search to see how long these 5th metatarsal fractures can take. Anywhere between 3 and 12 weeks from what i've seen. Meantime, i'm glad i've a pair of jeans that i can wear without ripping the leg seam, and i've still got a few pair of cargo pants with the legs that zip off for shorts. It's just starting to get nippy here now where full leg coverings are appreciated in the morning and evening.


  1. 9/11 has come and gone again..... bloody hell its been 11 years...where does the time go?

  2. Hoping for the short term process for you!

  3. And you were so looking forward to all those activities. That's life.

    Lady Magnon fell off a speeding horse recently. It's been about three weeks and she's still in pain; she simply won't rest-up. My suggestion is to do as little as possible. DELEGATE!

  4. Cro, when i broke my leg in 2005, i couldn't do much of anything. Himself was wonderful and undertook doing everything so i could rest and heal.

    This injury is not as serious, thank goodness, but i know it's best for me to be as patient as possible. Elevate the leg as much as i can, do as little as i need to do so my body can focus on healing. It is hard to delegate when one is accustomed to doing things. I do hope Lady M can rest up and recover.

  5. broke my ankle a few years ago and had the boot on which was handy, but it gives you a false sense of security if you're not careful and you'll end up with having the bloody thing on longer........ask me how I know that!!!!


  6. Gill, i want to avoid having to wear this boot one moment longer than necessary, which is why i'm really trying to be a patient patient.

    Hockey starts up early November, and i hope i can be in skates by the first game.