Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's hard to believe it's been a year since a small, orange ball of fluff arrived here to live with us. Jim has grown into a young cat, tall, sleek, and very happy.

Himself and i celebrated the day by toasting the anniversary of our youngest feline's arrival. We also went kayaking and swimming. JoJo lounged on the barn's side porch and welcoming any of the breeze that blew to reduce the effect of the heat. Phoebe stayed inside, hunting down cellar and in the eaves closet and hidey holes. As for Jim, he bounded around the yard, lay alongside Jo for a quick nap, walked along the top of the fence, and after we returned from our swim, greeted us by rubbing our legs and curling his long tail.

In other words, just another day in his life, enjoying every moment he can.

I was hoping to get a good photo of him to show him all grown up. So far, i've been unsuccessful.

I think i'll take a page out of his and the other kitties' books, remembering to savour each moment.


  1. Animals are in the moment, every moment. My own little parking lot rescue from another state just celebrated his second birthday with us. Such a gentleman, although he did make a bit of a fool of himself over the mouse he caught this week.

    1. True, Joanne. Phoebe was quite proud of herself when she caught a chipmunk down cellar and brought it up for me. It was still very much alive. I screamed (despite all the practice they've given me with these situations, i still don't handle them well). She dropped the chipmunk, the chippy took off, and Phoebe went to hide, not understanding why i screamed.

      I left the slider door open as the other two cats were unsure about going out or coming in. Soon after, i saw Jim outside playing with a nearly dead chipmunk and wanted fully to believe it was the same one Phoebe had brought up from down cellar. Yet, i couldn't quite relax. I got on with my work day, and prayed that if Mr Chippy were still in the house, we'd find him sooner rather than later, and i didn't relish having to clean up blood.

      Later that afternoon, i heard Phoebe meow upstairs, so up i went. She was in the bedroom, and between the doorway and the bed lay a dead chipmunk. He had blood on his neck and back and was on his stomach. I thanked Phoebe for keeping the house safe, was grateful that i didn't have to clean up blood from the carpet, and fetched two shovels (I use one as a backstop) to retrieve the late Mr Chippy.

      This all happened while Himself wasn't here (of course).

  2. My cat, Freddie, has just been in to see me, and was very friendly (for a change). He's now up on the roof; I can just hear his footsteps.

    1. All of our cats are friendly for the most part, although Phoebe takes delight in having you notice her so she can ignore you.

      Of the three Jim is the climber and i hope he doesn't read your comment and think about trying to walk on the roof!

    2. Send us a pic when you get one