Wednesday, July 3, 2013

reconnecting and summer

I've shared on here before how i am on facebook and joined only because a fife and drum friend kept badgering us to join. "It'll be fun," he said. "We can keep in touch and share photos."

I finally caved after a year, and yes, while i am friends with a great many of my f&d friends, i have reconnected with others as well and i do enjoy seeing their photos and hearing snippets of their lives.

One of the groups i joined was for my hometown, and that has been a real hoot as some of the people i knew or remembered were just enough older or younger that we didn't socialize much but we knew many of the same people, so it's been fun catching up and reminiscing.

One of the women who ran with a different crowd from me when in junior high and high school, was, i found out, a bit of a shutterbug. She took an amazing photograph of three boys who were a year or two older than i was. She herself was maybe 12 when armed with her camera, she snapped boys being boys, enjoying a moment of summer fun.

Here's a look at the photo. One of these boys attended our last reunion (the reunion included our class and the class a year ahead of us), and although he's taller now and shaves, i still see that bright-eyed boy.


  1. Personally, I keep my Facebook page exclusively for family and very close friends. My oldest son, however, uses it rather like a stamp collector, and has thousands of 'friends'.

    That photo has a wonderful freshness about it.

  2. Sharing photos and having 'fun' was how my daughter sold me Facebook. One person befriended me, and he was an Australian sado-masochist who happened to have the same last name as me...

  3. What a pleasure to see three unaffected fellows. Especially innocent of cellphones.

  4. That picture just spells summer fun.