Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Have you seen me?? I am an orange tabby, 1½ years old.

My name is Jim.

Please call if you have seen me. My humans last saw me Friday night
04 October 2013, and are worried about me.

Thank you.

I know Kipling wrote about giving dogs your heart to tear. Cats can do this, too, when they decide they need to go off on an adventure. sigh.

I know there's good hunting out there, and i know he can go nearly a half mile before he comes to a roadway if he sticks to all back yards. In my unkempt back yard alone, there's easily a hundred different places for him to hide. Now that the signs are up (they look like everything above the ***** and have my phone number on them) and i've talked to a few neighbours about him, i'll be glad to look foolish as he saunters in, completely oblivious to any worry. It sure beats heartbreak.


  1. I know you looked on the road for him, with no success, so he's off on an adventure. Or mooching a meal in another kitchen. Close your eyes and visualize him back on the chair. That's how cats communicate. He'll hear you.

  2. Thanks, Joanne! I've told all the squirrels and birds i saw that i was looking for him, and asked the flock of 20 turkeys to ask him to come home. I don't have a feeling of dread, but is sure do miss that orange boy.

    Just now when i closed my eyes to visualize him back on the chair, all i could see was his paw slipping under the bathroom door, and his face pushing against it to open it so he could come in and chase his tail while i was prone on the throne. LOL

  3. I hope you find him - or he you - soon. I know what it's like when cats wander off.

  4. A down-the-street neighbour just called. He's a volunteer firefighter, and lives along the busy street that intersects my not so nearly busy street. He often goes for a walk after supper, and mentioned that the night it was rainy and windy (last night was such a night, but it wasn't last night) maybe it was Thursday? he said, there was a car with four-way flashers on. They stopped at the house almost directly across from where my road ends at the busy road as they hit a cat and wondered if it belonged to Vern and Nancy. No, it didn't. Mr. R. who phoned said it was an orange cat, and gave me the location. I just went out to drive past, but didn't see anything. I'll have to look tomorrow when it's light.

    I did say that i saw Jim on Friday night. Now, of course, i'm trying to remember the weather for the last several days. Sunday clouded up some, but i'm not sure if the winds picked up and if it rained ultimately.

    He said he hoped it wasn't mine, but as he saw the sign, he felt he ought to call and let me know. I thanked him, and said i'd want to know, too.

    After i hung up, i thought if it's not Jim, it's another kitty who maybe, like Jim was off on an adventure, and his humans may not know the sad outcome. I felt a sense of gratitude that someone thought to call, even if the news isn't what i want to hear. I also felt grateful for those people who stopped to ask at the nearest house if the cat they hit belonged to those people. I'm sure they felt bad about it. I know i would.

    And, of course, if it is Jim, then i have closure, but not the kind i'd hoped. But, i can be grateful that the end was quick.

  5. Oh dear, I do hope that it wasn't him. We saw a black cat lying by the side of the road on Monday, and it really upset us. Let us know.