Friday, May 30, 2014

Thanks for the movie review, John Gray

John Gray, over at Going Gently often writes reviews on movies he's seen (or films, if you're on the other side of the Pond)and recently wrote one about "The Lunch Box," which you can read about here.

We have a cinema nearby that shows a number of independent films, and i was hoping to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but i got busy with work stuff and realized with some sadness that last night was the last night it was showing there, so i missed it. I can rent it when it goes to DVD, so all's not lost. The paper schedule i have for the cinema had tonight's entertainment as TBA so at the time of publishing the schedule, they hadn't secured anything. I went on-line, hoping to see that they extended "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by a day. They hadn't. What they did do was show a limited run of "The Lunch Box," and based on John's review, i went to see it.

I was not disappointed in the least. A wonderful film. I'd even be willing to pay to see it on the big screen again, and i don't say that often about films i've seen.

If you have the chance, go see it. Go. see. it.


  1. Lol, you are the second person to see this movie on "my recommendation"
    I had to Larf Megan
    I have never seen it

    1. But in the blog post about it, you say it's the best film you've seen all year. Are you telling porkypies?

  2. Well if it is good enough for you and John , it is good enough for me!

  3. I hope Budapest Hotel is good. I'm so disappointed when Wes Anderson isn't up to snuff.