Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Delicious mistake

SFB was working on a boat, doing electricals and stayed overnight chez moi for the two-day job. I told him to come for supper if he liked. I was planning on salmon pinwheels and had to get them at the store. Yes there are oodles of recipes on da interwebz so i could make my own, but these are quite tasty and readymade at the store. Just pop them in the oven for 18 minutes or so, and Bob's your uncle.

He offered to pick them up, so i thanked him. He called me from the store to say that he had gotten a pound or so (~450 g) of a nice fillet, did i need for him to pick up the cream cheese? No, i told him, i had cream cheese here. Which i do, but i wasn't thinking of having to fuss with making them, i was thinking of something that was easy to pop in the oven without any prep from me.

I went online to see if i could find a good salmon recipe with a mustard glaze. My own attempts at making a mustard glaze were okay, but something was missing.

I stumbled onto a Martha Stewart recipe that looked easy. I'd make that instead of the pinwheels, served with brown basmati rice and a green veggie, maybe broccoli.

Once SFB arrived, i realised i needed lemon, so i ended up at the store after all and got one.

We had a lovely boat conversation and cocktail as i put the rice on to cook. I rarely have any sort of cocktail hour, so it made for a nice change, especially on a work day. The glaze was simple enough, 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp mustard, salt and pepper (i omitted the salt), mix together, spread over fish, bake for 8 to
12 minutes.

It was so yummy, i could scarcely believe i made it. There was only a very small portion left, perfect for a light lunch.

And to think that had he gotten the pinwheels, i'd have never found this easy, yummy recipe.

I tried it again over the weekend as i enjoyed it so much when SFB was here, but i got a little heavy-handed with the lemon juice, and it's not as good. This dish will be gracing my menu for some time to come.


  1. I love salmon. I eat it regularly. Since I don't have to please anyone except myself, I just pop a small piece in the oven and bake it and cook a veggie. Not all that tasty, but salmon by itself tastes fine. I'm glad you had a good time.


    1. Janie, i often poach mine with a little white wine if i have it on hand, some onions, and pepper. I also like salmon plain, but wanted to dress it up a bit, and the mustard glaze called to me.

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  2. No idea what pinwheels are, but Salmon always gets my vote!

    1. Cro, pinwheels are where you take cream cheese or cream cheese mixed with crab, slather it on the salmon, roll it up like a Swiss roll, and cut it in slices, so you see alternating rings of salmon and cream cheese or cream cheese mixture. You can top with breadcrumbs, too, if so inclined.