Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks, Zig Ziglar

"Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you."
—Zig Ziglar

RIP, Mr Z, and thanks.


  1. Yes, and thanks for asking, John. x

  2. Zig Ziglar. I did a course inspired by him. It was a sales course. I remember the bit about 'Climbing the Objection Staircase'.

    'So we agree that the XT2000 is the perfect car for you, Sir.'

    Yes, but...'

    'So what is it about THIS XT2000 that you do not like?'

    'I think it would look nicer in Red.'

    'Mr Customer, if I promised to put a fully loaded RED XT2000 on your drive, in full view of your neighbors in time for this weekend before your lovely wife got home from work on Friday night, would you authorise this?' I say gently easing the finance contract across the desk.

    This is the point where Zig's advice is to shut up. Let the guy think. Don't buy back the deal.

    'This weekend?' says the punter giving a buying signal as clear as a distress flare.

    I love you Zig.

    'Just authorise this and the RED XT2000 is just a phone call away'

    'OK' says the punter and signs.

    If you want babies, Zig, I'll have them for you. THANK YOU!

    But if you were Zig trained, you didn't stop at the successful conclusion of a closing question and a signed contract. The guy has just bought a car off you. He has neighbours. Demographics mean they will be living in the same kind of houses, have the same kind of jobs, families and aspirations AND, the same kind of disposable income. They are going to see this guy take delivery of a brand new XT2000 and they will be green with envy. Green, the same colour as the money in their pockets. My money.

    'Your kids are fantastic, Mr Customer, have you got space in the freezer?'


    'You are now the proud owner of a red XT2000 (reinforcement to avoid 'Buyer's Remorse' and a cancellation), now that is something worth celebrating. I think the kids deserve a celebration so when I deliver the car, the trunk will be filled with meat and drinks. Invite the neighbors around on Saturday. Celebrate.'

    Note the repetitive use of the word 'celebrate'.

    'You'll come too? I'd like that'

    'Mr Customer, I am really happy to see you so pleased but this is a family thing, you know, a new car, party with the neighbors, you don't want me around'

    'But I do'

    Well, the Customer is always right. There'll be at least twenty potential punters at the barbecue. I might get lucky and sell a car or two right there and then but I will at least get loads of leads from them. After all, I am standing in this guy's lot, eating his steaks and drinking his beer. He's happy and I'm a mensch, they can trust me.

    Ziglar was brilliant and deserved every penny, sorry, cent he earned.

    You want to see Ziglar's sales techniques used humorously? Watch 'Cadillac Man'.

    God, I LOVE to sell.

  3. Tom, i should have taken you with me when i went shopping for a truck (lorry). I think i did all right, but i would have done a damn sight better having someone like you in my corner.

  4. Megan, believe me, you are not buying the truck, you are buying the salesman. Trucks are all the bloody same. Ok, maybe this guy can't cut you the very best, cheapest deal but you know damn well when it comes to getting the thing serviced, he'll make sure you are happy and if ever you break down, he'll find a way to recover you.

    If you like the guy who sold you your truck (and he is neither friend, family nor neighbour), you got a good deal.

  5. The salesman was fine, he actually did a great job explaining all the features of the vehicle. The finance guy was a tough nut, though. I left there exhausted and as if i'd been through a gauntlet.