Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RIP, Dave Brubeck

I must say, i always felt cool when i listened to Dave Brubeck. I'm glad so much of his music was recorded, so we can listen again and again.

Take five, Dave. And thanks.


  1. I remember hearing Take Five when I was at school, and thinking that it was AMAZING.

    I second your 'thanks'.

  2. Take Five, Dave...

    A real cool post, Megan.

    I had just got out of hospital having been blown up in Northern Ireland. I was 23 years old, had an immaculate Triumph Stag and was on my way to visit my Grandparents in Baden Baden. My father had given me some cassettes and as soon as I popped Dave Brubeck into the stereo I dropped off the Autobahn and continued south with the roof down along the Rhine valley. 23 and healing nicely, a bit of back pay in my pocket, a Triumph Stag and Dave Brubeck. Some people get a glimpse of heaven early. It was paradise.

  3. Yes, Take 5 was very good, and although I do not want to speak ill of the dead, I will never forget him saying that he was the only musician in history to play one melody with one hand and a separate melody with the other. J.S. Bach played two separate melodies with his hands, and a third one with his feet - on an organ.

  4. loved that......didn't know who he was Megan!
    now I know

  5. Cro, my dad had a few Dave Brubeck albums, and although we didn't always see eye to eye, even less so the older we grew, we could nearly always agree on music.

    Tom S, i don't think you're speaking ill of the dead. Perhaps he didn't know that tidbit about Bach. I didn't until you just posted it here.

    gz and John, thanks for your comments.

    Hippo, sounds like a wonderful memory. I don't remember how old i was the first time i heard his music--maybe 3 or 4. I do remember 12 or so years later being stoned out of my mind listening to one of his albums and getting lost in the music.

    And if i figure out how to redo my comments so i can get the 'Reply' option, i shall do that.