Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat, 09 December 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

‎"The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.” —Corrie Ten Boom

Mostly work stuff and finishing up the Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride. At some point i need to return to reading for fun.

I watched "La tête en fraiche" or the English title, "My Afternoons with Margueritte." Excellent film. I'd like to read the book on which it's based.

Listening to
The heater kick on.

I made some pumpkin squares for my knitting group. They were yummy. My neighbours up the street gave an invite for supper. Yummy beef roast, latkes, and green salad. Mmmmmm.

Happy you accomplished this week
Cleared out the second bay in the garage so i can make room for the new-to-me truck. Thankfully it was really sunny and warmer than usual today, so i was able to move stuff without too much trouble. Going to have a friend help me with adjusting the open switch on the garage door, though, so i know the opening will be high enough for the truck. I don't have the confidence to take it on myself. It needs but a small tweak, lesss than an inch for the truck to clear.

I also had a great idea about storing the mast where it's out of the way but still inside the barn. Just have to figure out how to make the idea become real.
Got through most of my to do list today. I listed everything i thought needed doing and figured i'd be good if i got halfway through.

Looking forward to next week
Picking up the wreaths tomorrow and the Christmas tree. It'll be fun to watch Jim with the tree.

*Bonus Question*
What type of cell phone do you have? Do you have all the bells & whistles or just basics?
I have the basic phone. I can make and receive phone calls and texts. The end. it's a pay as you go plan, and i can roll over minutes i don't use. I have lots of minutes. There are a number of places around me that are dead zones, and really, the easiest way to call me is on my landline, since i work from home. I don't like texting, but there are times where friends are sailing and they can text me more easily than can call. I guess the texts take less whatever it is, because the calls will get dropped, but the texts go through.


  1. I have a pay as you go phone, with no credit. It sits on my desk waiting to be dumped.

    1. Mine is usually in my pocket and nearly always switched off. Anything left on my desk becomes a toy for Jim.

  2. Like Cro, I have pay as you go and the cheapest Nokia handset. If whoever I call is out of range, I can send a text and as soon as they are back in range, they will receive the text. Usually. In practice, I never really make calls and am irritated when I receive one.

    We do not have landlines where I live. We don't even have utilities like Electrickery, water and sewage systems.

    1. As i said to Cro, my mobile/cell is nearly always switched off. Nearly every time it has rung, i have found it quite shocking. I do have a different ring for a call versus an incoming text (so that's a half-step up from basic, i suppose).

      For many years, i lived very close to an Amish community, where very few had phones (some businesses found they needed to have one, but kept it out in the barn), and no one had electricity unless they had a windmill. In one bad snowstorm, where many of their "English" neighbours (they used to call nonAmish "gay" when i was younger, but have changed to the term "English" for anyone nonAmish)lost power, an Amishman hitched up his sleigh to a team of horses and took the "English" kids to school.

      Our power went out often enough there, that i learned what a blessing it was to have it, and how stuck we are when it all goes kerflooey or kaput.

  3. Stripping a generator down in the dark surrounded by a cloud of voracious mosquitos is as close to hell as I want to get!

    Nice to see the Amish willing to help out their English neighbours, especially when so many English take the piss out of them.

    Do Amish communities take in 53 year old alcoholics, chain them up in a barn until they get over the withdrawal symptoms and then gradually put them to work on menial tasks until they are fit to be released into society again? I am good at digging wells...

    1. I'm not sure, Tom, you'd have to allow your hair to grow, including bangs, grow a beard, wear all black all the time and learn Pennsylvania Dutch. That last bit shouldn't be a stretch for you, as it's similar enough to German.

      If you took a boat from Angola rather than a plane that served no alcohol and stripped you of any, you could have most of the DTs out of the way before you got there.

    2. Bangs? You can grow a bang? There's only two kinds of bang I know of, one loud and the other requiring a co-operative partner.

      I am stuffed as far as the beard is concerned, to shave I just wipe my face with a moist flannel.

      Wearing black is no hardship especially if I can accesorize with a bootlace tie, shitkickers and pearl handled revolvers and be allowed to punch the fuck out of any English who take the piss out of my Amish brothers and sisters.

      Language, I agree, I can cope with that.

      Be hard to find an Angolan boat with no alcohol on board. I would arrive an even worse alcoholic than I am now and hooked on Ganga as well.

      No, I think I'll fly.

      Reckon you can get me a berth?

    3. I reckon there could be a Hollywood film in here somewhere.

    4. I wondered when i wrote "bangs" if it would lose the meaning i intended across the Pond. The hair that's allowed to cover your forehead but is cut short so it doesn't get into your eyes. You can achieve the look by putting a bowl over your head and cutting all the hair that hangs below it.

      I've seen a few Amish men with very scraggly beards. Most were younger men. You can't grow a mustache, mind, only a beard, and you can only have a beard when you're married. Single gents must be clean shaven.

      I'll see what i can do about arranging a berth for you. Might have to wait until after the New Year, and most likely they'd have to get the okay from the Bishop.

  4. Did you find your tree? We've had an artificial tree forever & ever... but I just love the smell of real trees. *sigh* Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

    1. Yes, i did, Carla! The same guy who made wreaths for the house has trees as well. We've got low ceilings (7 ft/~2.1m) so the trick for me is to find a smaller tree.

      It's in the tree stand, has been there since Monday afternoon, and it's still standing! I'm going to start decorating it tonight. I'm sure Jim the kitten will want to help with that!