Monday, December 31, 2012


It's been a good year for me personally, overall. Himself is watching a movie whilst i type this blog post. The kitties are happy. Jim has discovered that 20 inches (50cm) of snow with shovelled paths makes for marvellous oustide bird watching. Jo is glad that he allows her a bit of alone time. Phoebe is glad to be getting lots of pats on the heads and rubs.

We have looked at what we hope to accomplish in 2013 and are discussing the steps to undertake those things.

FIL has left the planet, although i'm not sad for him, and while his kids miss him, i don't think they're sad for him, either. He was ready to go. He didn't leave much of an estate so there wasn't tons of paperwork required. It has spurred Himself and me to look at our paperwork quagmire and see how we can simplify things a bit.

I started blogging and have read some wonderful blogs this year. I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to my nearly daily blog reading. Since i spend so much time on a computer for work, when i have some time off, as i've had this week, i do try to go for computer-free days. It's a welcome break.

I live in a place that feels like home and feeds my soul. Right now it's very cold (10°F/-12°C), but today was wonderfully sunny, and before it clouds too much tonight, the moon's light makes the nighttime's snowy landscape come alive.

I got Himself a pair of snowshoes for Christmas, and we tried them out yesterday (i'd bought myself a pair a few years back) walking the back part of the yard. We also wore them whilst clearing the snow off the boat cover.

We also went to a local place where they make their own sauerkraut and import some European foods. Himself got some Stilton, which made him very happy. My tastebuds have never grown up in the stinky cheese department, so he can munch on that whilst i eat a few cornichons. We also got some lovely smoked pork chops and sauerkraut for New Year's Day. In his family as well as mine, it was customary to have pork and sauerkraut on the first day of the new year; it was supposed to bring health and prosperity. My mother, who never really made me eat anything i didn't like always turned a deaf ear to my dislike of sauerkraut. I'd dutifully eat one forkful on New Year's Day. I like it now and don't quite know when it happened. I think it was when i made some for Himself and decided i'd have just the pork and the dutiful forkful of kraut, when my tastebuds decided it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was Quite All Right. Funny how that happens.

We had talked of going out to a nearby First Night Celebration, but frankly, i'm waning. Staying inside a warm cozy house, toasting the New Year with a glass of bubbly we have on hand sounds infinitely more appealing that standing around outside, even though the bonfire on the beach sounds appealing.


  1. We are still just about in Sauerkraut season here. We eat it about twice a year, but never associated with New Year. I love it, and especially all the assorted pork products. Sounds like we both welcomed 2013 in the same fashion! Very best wishes, Cro xx

    1. Yes, it was quite tasty. I do have some cabbage on hand and might try making some of my own, just to see. If my efforts fail, it's good to have a local place that makes it wonderfully well.

  2. (10°F/-12°C)

    I would die! My blood must be so thin by now. But I remember back in the Army days sleeping on the ground behind a GPMG in minus 18 Celcius, so cold that had I been foolish enough to touch the gun with bare hands, my fingers would have stuck to it!

    We always used to have Eisbein mit Sauerkraut on New Year's day as well, what a coincidence! I love it. I tried making it here once but instead of fermenting, the cabbage just went rotten, I am sure I am doing something wrong but it could be the heat here.

    We had a bonfire on the beach last night. I made it out of the scrap wood salvaged from the cottages of mine overwhelmed by the Great Flood in March. A good old Viking funeral for them!

    You have a very happy 2013, Megan. Would snow shoes work on sand? Last night I kept falling over, can't understand why...

    1. It's gotten colder since then, Tom. We didn't crack 20°F/-6°C yesterday, and this morning it was -2°F/-19°C.

      I've not tried to make my own sauerkraut yet, but am contemplating it. You did need a coolish place to let it ferment, which might be hard for you to find. There have been times where i didn't have sauerkraut, but shredded cabbage finely and let it cook with the meat for a long time, so the taste was similar.

      I'll see about doing the bonfire next year, as that sounds like fun. I had a hellacious couple of weeks at work before my time off, and it took me nearly the entire holiday to recover!

      Snow shoes might work on sand. They work well enough on powder. Although if you were toasting the New Year, you might have been too toasty for even the snow shoes to be of much help.

      I hope you have a very happy 2013, too, Tom.

  3. Sometimes I can get hold of red cabbage here which I shred and boil up in meat stock and loads of vinegar for hours. I also include sliced apples, a few cloves, a bay leaf and a good dollop of plum jam. While it is steaming away, the smell is fantastic. I then serve this with home made spaetzle and a ragout made from bush buck with a creamy mushroom sauce. Deelish!