Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

We've had GLORIOUS weather Friday through today. It's supposed to rain tonight, but we were supposed to have rain today initially as well. Himself and i have been busy with boat things, and i'm wishing i had taken off work today to help get more boat things done.

The rest of the week may be a bit dodgy weather wise, but we've managed to remove the old ports (windows) so we can either get or make replacements. Mixed reviews on the readymade replacements in that some say the new ones are too wide for the thinner hull our boat has. I'm still looking into it to see if i find it to be true. If so, then getting our local glass shop to cut to size what we need may be the better option. May also be a less expensive option, but they were closed when we went the other day to ask for an estimate.

Himself got the keel sanded and repainted. Sailing friend Bob (SFB) helped to repair the rudder, so that looks good to go now. SFB has also said he'd be glad to tow the boat (Himself's vehicle can tow but the weight of the boat and trailer may be just over the limit, which is why we held off getting a trailer for the moment). So, we'll be pricing trailers once again in earnest and can launch when we're ready rather than having to call for transport and hope to God we get everything done by that date.

The battery is charging, we picked up one-step cleaning and wax stuff for the hull to clean away ideally all of the oxidation, and once all that is done, we'll be about halfway through the boat list.

Still need to work on the inflatable dinghy and reglue the seams. Although every marine store carries repair kits, i can't find quantities of the particular adhesive required for the dinghy. That will need to be an on-line order for sure.

And no, i haven't forgotten requests for a "proper" boat blog post. That's still in the works.