Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday night chit chat, 27 May 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

‎"A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle."—Benjamin Franklin

I've been poking around some boat books and articles. Also some knitting books as i'd like to try knitting a gansey.

I watched "The In-Laws" when a blogger had a clip in her blogpost (I forget her name, sorry!). I didn't realize there was a remake in 2003, and that's the one i ended up renting, although i thought it was the original until the movie got underway (at this particular video store, you only get the DVD/Blue ray disc in a clear jacket, and coverless). I wouldn't have picked it up had i realized it was the remaked, but i was highly entertained. Different from the original and one of the few times i can remember liking a remake as much as the original. It's been ages since i saw the original, though, so i'd need to see that one again to be sure i like them both equally.

Listening to
Birds chirping. It's still wonderfully sunny.


Happy you accomplished this week
Boat stuff: The portholes have been cleaned, i picked up the replacements, i touched up the fiberglass around the portholes and i'm hoping to get the new ones on tomorrow. Hope the weather holds for that. The keel is painted thanks to Himself. I can't find the spreaders for the mast. I don't think they got up and wandered away, but they weren't in the three spots i checked that made the most sense. I hope to find those tomorrow.

Finished the hat i was knitting. The gansey yarn arrived, and it's beautiful.
Weeded the asparagus bed and found three clumps of asparagus poking through! :-) Should be ready to pick in two more years.

Looking forward to next week
Still working on the boat jobs list. The port stern drain hose needs to be replaced. I definitely want to get the ports placed tomorrow (fingers crossed for weather) and work on the drain hose as time permits. Those are the two big jobs for the boat before launch this year. I ordered the right kind of adhesive for the inflatable and it's due to come Friday.
Attending a wedding for two lovely people on Saturday and sailing on my friend's schooner on Sunday.

Thankful for today
The sun! This weekend was great, weather-wise.
Celebrating Memorial (Decoration) Day here tomorrow. I've given thanks to those called to serve.


  1. Love the quote! :) How do you cook your fiddleheads? I need! You should post photos of your knitted items... I'd love to see them! :)

  2. 'Gansey', 'Fiddleheads', and 'Spreaders'; looks like I'll have to dust off my dictionary!

  3. Carla,

    I usually sauté them in a little oil. The ones i get are really well rinsed, so i only do a preliminary rinsing before. I usually put the lid on the pan after the initial sauté and let them steam about 10 minutes. You can add garlic or onions, ramp, leek, etc.

    You can steam them as well as any other green veggie, but i like having a huge stir fry with them. Last night, i used olive oil and browned some cut up chicken breast dredged in ginger and garlic, then added the fiddleheads and a shake or two of Braggs amino acids, which lent a soy flavour.

    Cro, fiddleheads are a type of fern that are collected before they unfurl. The taste of fiddleheads is between spinach and asparagus.

    Spreaders are the "arms" that extend out from the mast of a sailboat.

    Gansey, or guernsey or jersey is a type of sweater (jumper) knitted by fisherfolk in parts of England and Scotland. The Irish are known for Aran sweaters, which are similar. Ganseys were also found in the Netherlands as there were sea routes between Britain and the Netherlands. They were tightly knit and used a 5-ply yarn that's very strong. The resulting garment was warm, windproof and water resistant.