Friday, May 11, 2012

Sandy update

The rain let up just enough on Wednesday for me to think it might be worthwhile to head over to the shelter and see if Sandy could go for a walk. I'm sure she would have been happy to walk in the rain, too, but really it was teeming and raw on Tuesday.

So, i went after dawdling over a work thing, and when i got to the shelter, i saw her on a leash just leaving the shelter for a walk with someone else. Her tail was erect, and she was snuffling the ground as they walked.

I still went in, commenting that i had dropped by to see if Sandy wanted a walk, but that someone else had the same idea. Yes, they confirmed, and for now, there's no other dogs to be walked. They did get in a pair, only they had just arrived and they usually like to give them a few days to settle in before anyone takes them for walks. The woman who i've talked to nearly every time i've been there went on to say that they were hopeful Sandy's found a new home. The prospective new family was going to take her next day.

I was happy for Sandy and sad for myself. As i drove home, i was happy that her wait for a forever home wasn't long. I had looked at the adoption form for a dog. It was more involved than the one for cats. They can visit your home to see if it's good for a dog. If you have other animals, they may want to meet them as well. I glanced around the house, seeing a few paper piles i'd like to sort out before anyone came in for an inspection. There's a foster period with dogs, too. A three-day period where if you find that it's just not working out, you can take the dog back. There used to be one with cats, but they no longer have that.

I was still sad for me and decided that I needed to let the shelter know that if this new family didn't work out for some reason, i'd want Sandy to come live at our house. I wanted to be sure this wasn't just some idea sprung from sadness, and next day, which was yesterday, i didn't go to the shelter. I thought good thoughts for the new family so lucky to have a chance to have this sweet dog live in their home. Yes, i could have spoken up earlier, but didn't, so no use crying about spilt milk and all that.

Today, the sun came out. Yes, really and truly THE SUN!! I decided that i'd go to the shelter over lunch. The new dogs still aren't ready for walkies, and Sandy went home with her new family yesterday. I said i was happy for her and that i hoped it worked out. I was sincere about it and still am. But, i said, in case it doesn't, i'd like for her to come home to live with us.

The usual woman was there and nodded. She mentioned the three-day foster period. "It might not work out--sometimes it doesn't," she said.

"Well, i hope it does, as everyone likes happy endings," i said, and there were nods all around (other staff members were there, eating their lunches). "But in case it doesn't, i want her to live at our house."

There. I had thrown my hat in the ring.

The cats have a cat door leading from their rooms to screened in porches where they can lounge on blankets or beds and get some oustide air. I visited them at the screens, and all were glad to be smelling the fresh air. Some wanted me to pet them and pressed themselves against the mesh so i could poke my fingers through and pat them.

I arrived back home to see Jo lounging in the grass outside enjoying the sunshine. She trotted towards me as i approached her. Phoebe was asleep upstairs on the bed, curled up under the comforter.

I am at peace about this. I do hope things work out wonderfully well with Sandy's new family; if they don't, then i hope things work out wonderfully well with us.


  1. That's rather sad... but as long as Sandy is happy, that's the most important. I quite expect there's another Sandy around the corner.

  2. Either way, Sandy will have a great life and that's lovely.

    It must be difficult not to get attached to all the animals in the shelter Megan. I'd be in bits.

  3. It was my intention to go and walk dogs while they were waiting for their forever homes, pet them, talk with them, and that was it.

    What i found so surprising was just how much i really wanted her to come live with us.