Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Sandy update

As I ran errands over lunch yesterday, I stopped by the shelter for a quick look. Sandy is happily settling into her new home. I smiled and on my way home my heart was truly happy at the good news.

I was only at the shelter for maybe five minutes and for much of the afternoon, Phoebe meowed a lot at me and wanted me to pet her. Once again, only after a few hours of her mewling and wanting me to pay attention to her, did it dawn on me that i was wearing the shoes i wore to the shelter. I'm guessing she doesn't like the smell of the place or the smell of the others or she thinks i'm going to take her there (it doesn't smell that dissimilar to our old vet's office, but i only have a human, one-dimensional nose).

I think if i'm going to continue going there to walk dogs, i'm going to need to keep a pair of "shelter shoes," change into them on my way there, and out of them once i get home. I don't see the point in needlessly upsetting the grimalkin. Jo doesn't seem fazed at all.


  1. Were you really happy 'at the good news'? I'll believe you this time!

    Knowing that both cats and dogs have such amazingly sensitive noses, I suppose one has to be quite careful; especially with a possibly jealous animal at home.

  2. Yes, Cro, really and truly happy--no sense of sadness at all. I couldn't say that the other times.

    Phoebe is the only cat we've ever had where we know her exact birthday and she's never needed for anything. Yet she's the most insecure. Go figure.