Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat, 06 May 2012

I'm posting this early, as I'll be at the potluck for hockey and not sure that i'll want to fire up the computer when i return!

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

This was on the morning of my 50th birthday. The captain (she's wearing the hat, green shirt, and dark shorts) had filled balloons with helium and put them around the boat.

I've been poking around some boat books and articles. Trying to steel myself for tackling the boat to-do list and emerge successful. Also looked at some knitting patterns, which isn't reading per se, but it was during my reading time.

I watched some of  "Fan Favorites—the Best of Cheers" this week. I haven't watched any reruns of the show "Cheers" in probably 10 years, and while i enjoyed it when it was on prime time, i didn't plan my life around it. The episodes i saw have aged pretty well, although a little of the Diane Chambers character (played by Shelley Long) went a long way with me, much the way it did when the show first aired. 

Listening to
Lots of motorcycles going past the house. It's sunny for the most part, and the warmest it's been in weeks. Spring fever for many.

I made brownies for the potluck we're having for hockey this evening. There were some that were a bit too thin near the edge of the pan, so i'm keeping the leavings for the house and am taking the nicer ones for the potluck. My favourite part still is licking the bowl.

Happy you accomplished this week
Lawn mowed! I ran out of fuel with the last 10 minutes to go. Yes, i did what Himself hates, and ran the mower dry. He's right of course, not wise to do, as all the crud on the bottom can then work its way through the engine. But i was so close! However, i wanted to get done by noon, and it was 11:52 a.m. Phoebe was crying for lunch (usually served at noon), and i couldn't get the mower restarted. I had this same issue last year, where it seems it'll start once a day and no more. My workaround was to mow half one day and half the next. It worked better with my schedule, too, as i could mow a half hour or so at lunch and be done in two days. Yes, the advantages of working from home. Taking care of that over two lunchtimes left the after work hours free for other pursuits. Besides, the birds converged on the feeder within five minutes of the mower's petering out, and i had a half a headache. The bit that needs doing can stand another day.

I went back to the animal shelter yesterday to see if any dogs needed walkies. I got to walk Sandy, a gentle, sweet-natured English Shepherd. She's the nicest dog i've ever walked. Doesn't pull at all, and a real joy. When i entered the shelter, Sandy was walking around, as she likes to follow the woman in charge. When i asked if Sandy could go for a walk, Sandy's ears perked up,and she made her way to the door. The woman in charge laughed, put a leash on Sandy, and we walked for a little over a half hour. The shelter closes to the public at four o'clock, and i thought it best to get back around closing time. She enjoyed sniffing the grass, the air, and wanted to chase after something in the woods--a squirrel or chipmunk maybe. I told her a few times on the walk that she was a good girl, and one time, she stopped, looked at me with doe eyes and sat down obediently. I pet her, and when we made our way back to the shelter, the door was unlocked, but the closed sign had been put up. I took her inside, and her tongue was hanging out and tail erect as a worker took her back to her kennel. I signed out, got in my car and sobbed on the way home. I can think of any number of perfectly logical reasons why trying to bring a dog into the house would NOT be a good idea, but as i thought of each one, i cried harder. We may just have to think of making a plastic place for Himself after all. My prayer is that Sandy can find her forever home very soon, and that it can be the perfect fit for her and her new family. She's eight, and i don't know why she was placed at the shelter. If the perfect forever home is with yours truly, then i need to know unequivocally this is the right thing to do for all in our household.

Digging out some lilacs. I've had a number of volunteers and they really need to be thinned. One of my hockey teammates said she'd like a few, and my plan is to take a bunch with me to the potluck. My teammates can have free lilacs, and i'll have done some necessary thinning.

Planted some tomato and pepper seeds. I saw the slugs in full force on the dandelions in the garden spot, so i'm thinking that raised beds might be the way to go.

Started knitting a hat, guessing on gauge (tension) as i was using lighter weight yarn and smaller needles than the pattern called for. I didn't guess quite right and rather than trying to make do and fix from where i was, i ripped it all out and started over. Second attempt is much better. This should be a good sailing hat for chillier times on the water.

Looking forward to next week
Puttering around in the garden and getting to work on the boat list. The rain and colder temperatures this past week curtailed efforts in these areas.

Ordering yarn for gansey sweater i'd like to try and make.

Thankful for today
The sun!

Potluck for hockey, which is always fun. It's nice to see teammates outside of the rink and to have a chance to chat.


  1. Cheers is a classic, it's fun to go back and watch old favorites, although a lot of the time they're never as good as you remember them to be :) I can see Cheers still being good!

  2. Under 'Looking forward to next week' you should have written 'Pick up Sandy'.

    I notice that 'Cheers' is being re-run on UK TV soon. Very funny show.