Thursday, March 22, 2012

old fart

I had planned on attending a concert this evening, but i left it go too late. When i stopped to get tickets earlier in the week, the show was sold out. The woman at the box office told me that i could show up the night of the show and see if anyone were willing to sell a ticket or two, as they don't offer refunds.

I had every intention of doing just that, but to be truthful, i'm tired, i've got loads of work to do tomorrow, and i'm thinking turning in early is far more preferable.

When did i turn into such an old fart?

Yes, young readers may be rolling their eyes just now and saying, "Oh, puleeze" or worse, but you wait, she warns, shaking her finger vigorously. One day, you too, will suddenly find yourself losing steam at an unbelievably early hour and wonder how the hell it happened.


  1. megan
    you are not an "old fart"
    like myself you are a "mature love puff"

  2. OOohh, John, i like that. "Mature love puff."

    Now to work it into the conversation....


  3. what concert were you wanting to see?


  4. The only advantage of age, is wisdom!

  5. Gill, it was Leo Kottke.

    Cro, one another advantage is that no one wonders if i'm old enough to have a drink. Having looked very young for many years, it was always irksome to me to have to show proof that i was indeed old enough!