Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night Chit-Chat 18 March 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

"The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground."

Besides the boat books, i'm reading Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts. Also, found out that a local business paper will revive our local regular paper :0)

Rented the movie Bridesmaids, because i wanted something mindless and fun. It fit the bill, and i can see why Melissa McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar. Parts of the movie dragged and were predictable, but i was in the mood to be entertained, and i was.

Listening to
Chad Mitchell Trio, Singing Our Minds. Still a great album, and of course i'm singing along.

I made these scones, and took them to my knitting group. Everyone enjoyed them, and i made a second batch on Wednesday. The second batch was tastier than the first in part because i took care to grate the cheese, really chop the onions, and break up the walnuts into small pieces, so i think everything blended together better. Yummy!

Happy you accomplished this week
First runthrough of most of the taxes. I have a few questions that need answers, but by and large, we're getting a refund from one and either shall break even or owe a little bit with the other.

I washed the kitchen windows and screens today. Wow, what a difference! Beautiful day today, so i did do some weeding in the flower bed by the house. I also washed most of the winter crud off my car. I was fearful if i washed it completely away, snow may return. In another month, i think i can remove all the last vestiges without tempting Old Man Winter too much.

I repotted the horseradish so the roots have room to grow. The compost bin is full of partially decomposed stuff more so than finished compost, so i'll need to get some more potting soil.

The rest, ice, elevation, anti-inflammatory meds, and gentle moving is just what my leg needed. It's feeling very much better--not 100% yet, but i'm hopeful i'll be able to play hockey this time next week.

Looking forward to next week
Leo Kottke will be in holding a concert next town over! Buying tickets before the show are a little cheaper than at the door, so my plan is to buy tix tomorrow before heading out for knitting.

Thankful for today
Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and a delightful day! I sat outside whilst working on the taxes, and it was nice to walk around the yard and see what was pushing up through the soil. I was pleased to see the smallest tips of the rhubarb crown poking through. Given the slugs last year, i wondered if the rhubarb would come back.


  1. Mmm.. scones! I should make some GF scones for myself! lol! Bridesmaids was funny!! Not an Oscar nominee, but funny all the same. :)

  2. My horseradish is about 6 inches up out of the ground. Just keeping pace with my 'forced Rhubarb'.

  3. Carla, these savoury scones were very tasty. Not sure what gf flour would be best to use; I couldn't find Wensleydale cheese here, but a local cheese place makes a Caerphilly that was an excellent substitute.

    Cro, the horseradish plants are about a foot tall, so it was time to give them deeper space. Keeping them in the large pot should help keep them from becoming invasive.

  4. again your little bit or normality is quite addictive