Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat, 11 March 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying. Himself and some of our friends had a rough week of other people flinging poo at them. Several years back, one of our friends, who herself had been in a situation where lorryloads of poo were dumped on her, gifted us with lovely guest towels. One especially made me smile, as it did Himself, and i hope it did for our friends who found themselves targets this week:

"Support bacteria. It's the only culture some people have."

Besides the boat books, i'm reading Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts. Also, on a sad note, our local paper will publish no longer :-( Found this out on Friday, and i enjoyed reading about the goings-on in my small corner of the world very much.

A friend stopped by for a midweek visit, which was completely unexpected and a delightful surprise. We watched the movie Bigger than the Sky, as Himself and i had the DVD, and she hadn't seen it before.

Listening to
I forgot to say last week that i listened to some Monkees tunes, when I heard the news about Davy Jones. This week, in the grocery store, i was singing along to the tunes they were playing in the store--late 50's to mid 60's hits. I remember when quite a few were new. In another store, i'll admit, i stayed a bit longer to hear all of (Hold on, Just a Little Bit) Tighter. I hadn't heard that song in decades.

I made some beef curry with rice in the crockpot, which made a nice supper after hockey this evening. I also want to make these scones, but i had forgotten to take butter out of the freezer. I hope to make them tomorrow and take some to my knitting group. The beef curry hit the spot, and there are leftovers! Yummy.

Happy you accomplished this week
Very nice midweek visit with a dear friend. Just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

Found a very nice place to consider for vacation thanks to Cro Magnon's blog entry. I want to do the entire trail. Himself isn't so sure that we can do all of it. I think if we train long enough, we can, so this might be on the holiday schedule for next year.

Looking forward to next week
I fell funny on my knee at hockey, during the second game this evening. It feels akin to what happened several years ago when a large player landed on me, trying to break her fall, and all her weight went on my left knee, shifting everything to the left. That turned out to be an ITB/LCL strain (ilea tibial band/lateral collateral ligament). Nothing was torn, i took a few weeks off from hockey, and was right as rain. Tonight's little spill about 12 minutes into the second game, occurred when a player and i collided. I fell forward, and my right knee took the brunt of the fall. I twisted it to the inside just before impact and somehow my legs ended up in front after i fell back on my bum. I got up rather quickly, although my right leg felt leaden, and within 45 seconds, i decided i need to come to the bench. It just wasn't feeling right. After about
20 seconds on the bench, i realised it was best for me to head on home. I've been icing it, keeping it elevated, and took ibuprofen, 400 mg. Now we wait and see. I'm hoping that it's just a strained something that will right itself in a few days. All that to say i'm looking forward to next week, when this shall be but a memory and 100% behind me. Fingers crossed.

Thankful for today
Sunny skies, nurse friends who seconded my idea of ice and elevation, and suggested Vitamin I for my knee, and that the cats are currently demanding that i let them in/out/down cellar even though i'm walking a bit slowly. If i were really injured, they'd be fussing over me a lot more. Himself is a bit worried, but he's the worrying type; the cats are a better gauge. That said, Phoebe did sit with me for the intial icing and didn't complain once. After i got up to put the bag of ice back in the freezer to keep cool for the next ice round, she decided i could also let her down cellar and top off the kibble bowl.


  1. Aww.. Your knee sounds very painful! :( I hope you're feeling better soon! Good thing you have your cats to take care of you! ;)

  2. Thanks, Carla! I think it's an MCL (medial collateral ligament)strain. It's still hurty today, and i'm continuing with icing and elevation. I'm such a wuss when it comes to physical pain. Yes, i play ice hockey, so it seems a contradiction in terms to some, perhaps, but playing and having tired muscles and joints afterwards is different pain from an owie.

    The cats are actually amazing when it comes to knowing what i can and can't do. I feel a new blogpost coming on!


  3. Love the tea towel quote lol!

  4. Thanks, Louise! So do our guests when they use the washroom. :)