Friday, March 23, 2012


At a friend's urging i joined Facebook and have found it a nice way to stay in touch with some people. It can also be a big time waster. I ended up liking a few of the local businesses that have fb pages, and one has Free Friday giveaways. They announce in a status what the free item is, and which comment number will be the winner.

Well, i logged onto fb, saw the FREE ITEM status, and could scarcely believe it, as comment #1 would be the winner, and it turned out to be yours truly!

It was only afterward when i let them know i'd go to pick it up straightaway that i discovered my prize is a package of apricots dipped in dark chocolate! Here i had to laugh, because there are three weeks left of Lent, and i have given up sugar and sweeteners. So, of course i'd win a chocolate prize! LOL

I have put the package in the refrigerator, where it shall stay until Easter morning at least.

One woman on my hockey team and one colleague decided to give up swearing for Lent this year. Both said they've not been successful. My colleague decided to switch to foregoing coffee creamer, which was hard at first, "but not as hard as not swearing apparently, since I still haven't had any creamer."

I had told her on an earlier occasion what i told my hockey teammate: a few years back, i tried giving up swearing, too, and was a total failure. I decided to try again for 40 days after Easter and was a tad more successful. I have found giving up sugar much easier but am looking forward to the choccies.


  1. Maybe we should re-classify what words we consider 'swear words'. I attended a well-known school, where the words 'bloody' and 'bugger' were de rigeur in all conversation, so have never considered them to be swear words. However, there are certain words that I would NEVER use.

  2. p.s. Re Facebook. If used as a method of keeping in touch with close friends and family; it's great. If used as a competition in friend gathering; not so great... And beware viruses!

  3. Cro, i'd love to say there are words i'd NEVER use, but that would be a lie. I have had my longshoreman moments. My mother never liked bad language and considered the word 'fart' something utterly vulgar.

    As for facebook, yes i like staying in touch, and have been reacquainted with old schoolmates. I do have robust virus protection on my computer, but your warning serves as a reminder that we need to remain vigilant.

  4. I went on facebook for a short while
    "gained" around 150 "friends" and left soon after
    I find it all rather too much........

    having said this, look how often I blog!!

  5. John, i'd have thought you'd have many more friends, given your blog traffic! I only joined when a fifing friend pestered, saying it was a great way to stay in touch, etc. I ended up finding a number of former classmates, and it's been a blast.

    Another fifing friend of mine admitted to unfriending herself because she said she was spending too much time there. I know i've been guilty of that on occasion, but try to limit my fb visits to 5 minutes or less, and no more than 3 visits a day.