Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday night Chit-Chat 25 March 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

A friend of mine took a snap of this bumper sticker while travelling.

I finally finished a Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts. A friend lent me a book, Treasure Chests The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes by Lon Schleining. The book contains photos of some wonderfully made chests. I admire woodworkers and indeed all artisans and craftsfolk who can produce beautiful things with their hands.

Rented the movie My Best Friend's Wedding, because it was one of those i had never seen and thought it might be enjoyable. The cell phones and computer scenes look so dated now. I remember not wanting to see the movie when it came out because i thought it's be too predictable and in part because i thought it might hit too close to home. One of my dearest friends who was like a second brother to me really wanted me at this wedding. And, i really wanted to be there and did attend. His wife, having been brought up with only sisters and having all female cousins, really couldn't understand how a boy and a girl could simply be good friends and nothing else. I do think that woman was the happiest person at my wedding that took place a few years after theirs. The movie had as its premise, that this man and woman did date for a bit first, but remained friends afterwards. I'm glad i didn't see it when it first was released, as that's exactly what so many thought about my friend and me, only we never dated. I had dated his best friend off and on for three years. That relationship never worked, but the friendship i developed with the on-again/off-again boyfriend's best friend remained.

Listening to
The heat kick on. Our week of unbelievably warm weather has left, and we've had grey skies all day with spits of rain.

Emboldened by the success of the scones i recently made, i want to try some bacon, cheese, and chive or onion ones. A friend of mine found a recipe and showed it to me, independently of my trying to figure out how much bacon i'd need. So, it seems like a sure sign that i must make these.

Happy you accomplished this week
Made through a slog sort of workweek!

The oil fired boiler isn't working right, and of course, these things always seem to occur on the weekend. Grrr. I only found out when i realised we had no hot water, as the hot water heater is heated by the boiler. I called the oil company to let them know and asked the after hours person to have someone come round Monday morning. Thankfully, the weather has been warm enough, but i do love taking a hot, long shower. Making do with the camping solar shower is okay, but i'll be glad when we're back to having a seemingly endless supply of hot water. I know, i've gone soft in my old age!

Looking forward to next week
Attending a hockey game with friends midweek.

Thankful for today
Got a chance to rest, finish my book before the due date of tomorrow, and just putter about. My leg is still a bit twingy, so i decided not to play hockey today. It's still a bit stiff and hurts when i bend and put most or all of my weight on the right knee. I overheard two women talking about someone they knew experiencing a soft tissue injury and the one said to the other with a knowing tone, "You know, those soft tissue injuries take six weeks to heal." I hope they're wrong in my case, as my hockey season will be over by then!

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  1. Love the Bumper Sticker!! Haha!! My Best Friends Wedding is a cute & funny movie! Loved! Hope you're able to rest & recover!! Try to take it easy!