Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday night chit-chat 4 March 2012

This is a photo of the Town Beach in my hometown. The photo was taken by someone who used to live there as well, and she was back for a visit.

Besides the boat books, i'm reading Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts.

I found a place online to watch Downton Abbey. The PBS web site had
season 2, and i had to hunt for season 1. The online viewing on the PBS site expires 5 March, so i had a marathon view session this weekend to get caught up.

Listening to
Right now, not very much.

Sauteed some scallops in oil, lemon, and a bit of garlic, and served it over a bed of steamed kale. Yummy.

Happy you accomplished this week
Updated my spending log. I've had 26 no-spend days since New Year's Day. :0)

Able to catch up with a dear friend via a long telephone conversation.

Shovelled the paths and walk on Friday, and took the time on Saturday to clear off the rain/slush accumulation on the driveway.

Looking forward to next week
Nothing jumps out from the calendar for next week. Might be a good week to get a lot of little things caught up.

Thankful for today
Second pot of horseradish root is sprouting! I'll have to move them soon to deeper pots, so the roots can really grow. Saw a tom turkey at my bird feeder! He was pecking at the seeds on the ground. All other birds gave him wide berth, and one squirrel, who was using the fence top as a thoroughfare sat and waited, not wanting to get too close. He finally jumped more than the lengths of two fence posts so he didn't have to get too close to the turkey. Both of the cats were mightily interested in the big bird.


  1. Dinner sounds delicious! Yum! Congrats on the no-spends! That's awesome!!

  2. Thanks, Carla! I was hoping for a month's worth of no spends in two months, but i'm pretty happy with 26.

  3. Mmmm scallops... I truly love them, simply sauteed, but almost never eat them... I guess cuz I have a harder time finding them fresh than lobster or shrimp.

    Wild turkeys would scare me! They seem so big and fast!!

  4. I love looking at these little snippets of someone else's lives..
    t5he power of blogging eh?

  5. Too right, John!

    CS, i went to buy the fresh at my favourite seafood store, and the store was closed for renos. I ended up getting the frozen variety at the grocery store (still a local brand), and they worked well.