Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting to know you...

Jim has settled in well thus far. I have him sequestered in my office. It's got two doors with glass on two walls, so Phoebe and JoJo have taken to looking through the glass at the Interloper. The first day, they both hissed and growled and were a little surprised to agree on something.

Yesterday, they looked on and saw him but no hissing or growling.

I've been sure to pay attention to them both, praise them, love them.

Today, Phoebe glared at Jim then went back upstairs, which is her home territory in the house. Jo looked through for a while, and when i was upstairs with Phoebe, i heard Jo hiss loudly. It got Phoebe's attention, too.

Meantime, Jim is sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing. He doesn't always get to the litterbox, which concerns me. I think he gets caught up in playing. He always uses the box when urinating, but fecally speaking, it's hit and miss.

He will meet the vet Tuesday morning at 8:30. I have ordered an FIV test for him, as i want to be sure he's negative. I did tell the liaison that if he's FIV positive, i won't keep him. My take on it is that FIV positive animals should be put down. Yes, heartbreaking to do, but clinically speaking, i think it's best. I'd also get an abortion if i found myself HIV positive and pregnant, so it's not species-specific with me.

If all goes well, then when we return, i think that will be the time for Phoebe and JoJo to meet Jim. I'll leave my office doors open whilst we're gone, so they can have a good sniff around, pee in his litterbox, eat what's left of his food, and upon our return, i'm hoping that the smell of the vet's office will gain him some pity.

My camera needed to be sent away to be fixed, and i'll not have it back for a week and a half or so. Pity, as i'd like to chronicle the changes in Jim. I do still have my film camera and i think i even have a roll of film. Might have to resort to retro.

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  1. It's always a bit hit-n-miss when you introduce a new animal to the house. I'm sure they'll get on fine. I'd quite like to have a new kitten to become friends with the two dogs, but my wife thinks they'd eat it.