Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday night chit chat, 15 July 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.”—Henry Ward Beecher

Back to boat books.

Jim playing. He plays with so much energy, and then when he's tired, sleeps soundly. Lots to learn from cats. Earlier today, Phobe killed a chipmunk down cellar and meowed to let everyone in the household know. Not to be outdone, Jo killed one outside later in the afternoon.

Listening to
The hum of the ceiling fan. I think the rain may come soon, and want to take a shower before the thunderstorms start.

Nothing special. Made some salmon patties that hit the spot, and yesterday, i ordered a pizza from my favourite place just around the corner. I kept trying to phone them for the order, but the line stayed busy. When i went in person to order, i asked if they had something wrong with their phone. Turns out it wasn't hung up right. They were glad i told them and gave me the pizza half price.

Happy you accomplished this week
Changed out the rudder line to a smaller diameter one. Made all the difference with keeping the rudder firmly in the down position. Had a sailing lesson on Retrouvé with a wonderful sailing friend, and he said he'd give a few more.

Jim's a bit more used to the routine around here, and i'm glad his first visit to the vet went so well.

Picked some raspberries and gave some away to dear friends.

Looking forward to next week
Another sailing lesson, a visit from a friend who moved away recently.

Thankful for today
Jo did not attack Jim when i had him outside. I kept an eye on her and him, and when i turned for a moment, she had crept closer to see. We were on the deck, and she was about two steps away from the deck steps. Jim was on the second of the three steps, interested and didn't understand what the hissing meant. Jo also gave a low growl. Jim approached no closer, and finally came towards me, so i could pick him up and take him back to "his" room. I went outside immediately afterwards and praised JoJo for being such a good girl.

Saw some people i sailed with last year and had a nice chat

Took care of some boat housekeeping things since the rain held off.


  1. awww... poor chipmunks! :( LOL! There's nothing non cute for the kittens to prove their prowess with? ;) Yay on the 1/2 price pizza, that was nice of them! Pizza tastes better when it's 1/2 off! ;)

  2. Yes, Carla, they've also killed moles, voles, mice, shrews, and either a very large mouse or--shudder--a wharf rat. They've also killed rabbits, and Grace, my one-eyed feral cat who crossed the rainbow bridge last year, also killed a squirrel. Birds, too.

    The chipmunks can be destructive, and i really don't want them in the house. Most have stayed away once they saw the cats met business.

  3. Our indoor/outdoor cat has some teeth gone, and I think his heart isn't wholly into the hunting business any more. He brings chipmunks home and lets them go. Run, run little chipmunk; I'll get you again tomorrow.

  4. It's definitely the Chipmunk story that's grabbed the attention. I think of them as children's pets, but any creature living where it's not supposed to always becomes a menace. Our cat is very selective; he just kills mice!

  5. Grace excelled at killing chipmunks. She didn't usually eat them, though, they were simply trophies or gifts for me. The other cats have followed suit. Last year, in the final three weeks she was with us, she killed at least one chipmunk a day. The back yard was littered with their corpses.

    Mice can be snacks, gifts, and lesser trophies. Phoebe sometimes decapitates them, leaving the head close enough to the body, so you don't wonder where it is. She of the three also sometimes eats just the organs and lets the rest alone. Jo sometimes eats them, and sometimes just leaves them. I've seen her look annoyed when the squeaking stops as if to say, "I'm not done playing with you, why have you stopped squeaking?" Grace tried to leave a few as gifts, but seeing how i recoiled i horror, she thought it best to keep them as snacks for herself.

    Birds are always snacks, and since i have not shown any inclination to keep or eat the other gifts, no cat has offered me a bird. I'm okay with that!

    I do think chipmunks are cute, but they are a menace, and they chided unmercifully when we bought the house but hadn't moved in full-time yet. I kept telling them they'd be sorry when the cats came.