Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat, 22 July 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

“When I try, I fail.
When I trust,
He succeeds.”
― Corrie Ten Boom
Still on boat books. A sailing friend lent me "Practical Sailing" by Tony Gibbs. This is one i'm going to want to read again and again, so i went looking online for a used copy and found one right away.

Not much at the moment. I think i need something fun, so might watch The Devil Wears Prada.

Listening to

Made Moroccan Chicken, a recipe a friend shared with me that's chicken sauteed with some onion and spices and mixed up with tons of lentils in a vinaigrette. Can be served hot or cold and tastes better next day as the flavours can marry. I made enough for a few servings. MMMMmmmmm

Happy you accomplished this weekI've almost completed a long, tedious work project. I was hoping to get it all done by week's end, but still have the final tenth to go. My internet and business phone went out for about 6 hours during the week, so rather than work all clocks to make up the time, i opted to start fresh next week.
Introductions between Jim and the older cats occurred earlier this week. The older cats are still hissing and growling, but so far no fur has been flung. Jim has learned to hiss, and demonstrated that to me when i rolled a large empty spool near him. He was afraid of it, got bushy and hissed at it. Twice.
The lawn mower is finally fixed! Able to mow the lawn this week.

Looking forward to next week
Visit from a loved one next weekend. It'll be nice to catch up.

Thankful for today
Got in some great sailing yesterday. Needed a bit of help today when i realized halfway through something that i couldn't do what i had planned and needed to. Help arrived at just the critical point, and i was so grateful! Still am, and have been counting my blessings since.

Bonus Question
What is your favourite summer food and/or drink treat?
Hard to say; in years where i grow tomatoes successfully (didn't happen last year, and this year doesn't look promising), it's that first ripe tomato off the vine. I also love corn on the cob. This week, however, it'd have to be raspberries, as they're ripe now and i've been having my fill and giving away lots. I may end up freezing some for later on.


  1. I envy your sailing... My dream is to someday live on a boat... And by boat I really mean yacht! ;) lol!!

  2. I envy your sailing. Did Mr Gibbs write another book called 'Sailing for numbskulls'?

  3. I am happiest on the water, and living inland for 27 years had me dying by degrees. Just wasn't aware how much until i got back on the coast.

    Cro, Mr Gibbs writes in a very easy-to-read manner. I'm still trying to get the concepts to gel in my brain. True vs apparent wind is what i'm working on at the moment. I understand it at the most basic, which is the wind on my face while i'm underway is apparent as my movement also has an effect on what i perceive the wind direction to be versus where it actually is, but i can't quite yet work out that when i feel the apparent wind, i can figure where the true direction of the wind is. The true direction is helpful to know because in sailing, there is a "no sail" zone where if the bow of the boat noses into the wind too much, the boat stalls or is "in irons." Sometimes you want to be there, but most often you don't. So far, i find out the hard way, i.e., tend to get in irons and then have to either change the sails or the rudder to move along again.

    Carla, my suggestion is start with a smaller boat, as they use the same principles as a larger vessel. I still feel like a kid who just got her driving permit and am in the carpark/parking lot driving 15 mph (35? km/hr or so) and feels that she's speeding.

    Helping out on someone's boat is different from being the helmsman. Lots more thinking on the helm, and i am trying to take the knowledge in my head and move it to my fingers.

  4. The Devil Wears Prada.
    not a brill film but I did like streep in it!
    love those piggy little eyes of hers

  5. John, there are times where i just want something mindless and fun to watch. With all the dreadful things one hears about in the news, a little escape does me good.