Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Jim

The vet's office sent a "Pet Health Report Card" for Jim, which arrived in the mail today. They took a photo of him, as they do for all their patients to keep with their files. It's not the greatest picture, as he was squirming when they pressed the button, but as my camera is still out for repairs, it will have to do for now.

They have him as 9 weeks and 2 days old. Other than earmites (and we got medicine for that for him and a dose for the other cats, too, since they're highly contagious), the vet said everything looked good!

I have fallen hopelessly in love.


  1. He's a cutie. I love marmelades. Especially named Jim. Enjoy him.

  2. Thanks, Joanne. Everyone at the vet's fell in love with him, too, and thought his name was perfect for him.

  3. He gets my vote too. A handsome Jim.