Thursday, July 5, 2012

John said No, I said Yes

Another new chapter begun. Whilst John was reluctantly saying no to the arrival of yet another middle-aged bulldog to break his heart, I was chatting with a woman who works at a local health food store about some kittens. There were three left who needed homes, did i know anyone? I thought i might, but as it turned out, i didn't. But, the thought kept coming back to me. I finally decided to follow up and ask Susan what happened with the kitties. Someone was going to take the two black and white female kitties, but the male orange tabby was still unclaimed.

I went to visit on Tuesday night, and didn't take him home with me then, as friends are visiting from out of town, and i knew we'd be busy all day on the 4th. Susan brought him this morning. He's now finally dropped off for a nap, and i feel ready for one myself!

I'd post a picture, only i dropped my camera last night :0( It's still under warranty, so i can get it repaired, but that will be a few days. As with most kittens or puppies, he gets high marks for cuteness, and he's got quite a purr.

As i was driving home Tuesday night, thinking of names, i said aloud, "We have three cats once again: Phoebe, JoJo, and Jim." So, Jim it is.


  1. I've always had a soft spot for marmalades. And black and whites.

  2. A ginger Tom called Jim. Purrfect.

  3. I can't wait to see pics :-)

    New additions are great!!