Monday, April 16, 2012

Carla's Mother's Day Tote Bag and Wallet Giveaway

Carla, yes she of the Sunday night chit chat fame, has made a lovely bag and matching wallet, which she is going to raffle. Everyone can have a chance for $5 (Canadian) between now and 30 April, when she shall draw the lucky winner's name. Each $5 buys another chance.

The monies she receives will go to two charities in honour of her mother and late mother-in-law: The Canadian Cancer Society and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

I know UK readers already celebrated Mothering Sunday, but we celebrate it a bit later on this side of the Pond.


  1. do you do anything traditional over there for mother's day?

  2. Since my mother died, no. But traditionally, we usually gave cards and treated her to a nice meal. Others do a combinatiaon of cards, flowers, a nice meal, and gifts, or the whole shebang. I think some it is triggered by guilt, but that might just be my jaundiced view speaking.

    Actually, one of my favourite memories was when we were kids, and we'd make Mom breakfast in bed and give her our handmade cards. After she died, my mother's mother had kept some things of my mother's, and one was a poem we were instructed to copy in class and give to our mothers. I was six, and had completely forgotten about it. When Gram gave it to me, i cried.

  3. Burnt offerings were breakfast gifts in my home too. Oh how my mother loved them!