Sunday, April 8, 2012


Even as a child, i couldn't understand the disconnect between Christ's rising from the dead and chocolate bunny rabbits. Oh, yes, there was the whole death and rebirth angle and how spring has sprung and all that. But it didn't seem to make sense to me that we were talking about faith in the resurrection on one hand and celebrating it with eggs and chocolates and personifying the Easter Bunny on the other.

Christmas with Santa Claus or Father Christmas seemed to make more sense. We were celebrating Jesus's birthday, only everyone got presents. And feasts to celebrate.

When i finally heard that someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to take Pagan festivals and add some Christianity so that non-Christians might be more interested, then the light went on for me. I look forward to spring, after a long winter, and rejoice when i see the grass greening up and crocus and daffodills bursting forth. I can see the reason to celebrate that. As a Christian believer, i can see the reason for celebrating at some point each year not only when Jesus was born but when he rose from the dead.

But i don't think they have to be celebrated on the same day, the arrival of spring or the day of resurrection. The weather for the equinox this year was most pleasant; today on Easter, we had some snow showers earlier in the day and now rain showers.

And i celebrated both without fanfare, chocolate bunnies, or dyed eggs. The cats are happy that i celebrated with cooking up a rasher of bacon and giving them a taste.

I must now spend some more time rendering unto Caesar the things that Caesar's, as i came online to download a tax form i didn't realize we needed. And while online, i had to take a look around Blogland, just to see what's what.

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