Friday, April 13, 2012

I haz cable!

I wanted to send a friend, J1, some photos, and the woman who took them with her digital camera said she'd email them to me. I've been waiting and waiting. I talked to another friend, J2, lamenting that i don't have a USB cable for my camera, and it took me an inordinately long time to realize that's what it was i needed to be able to move photos from the camera to the computer. She said she has a camera like mine, maybe the USB cable she has would fit?

And, behold, it did. So, i was able to upload my photos into my computer. I didn't bother tagging because i wanted to get at the latest ones of course, to share with J1 who has been waiting along with me for pictures from the other camera.

J2 said i could keep the cable for awhile, but i'd rather give it back to her as soon as possible lest i lose it.

You've been warned. I'll try not to be annoying with gobs of pictures every post, but i shall share some from here on out.


  1. Doesn't your camera have an SD card (or similar). I simply remove mine from the camera, stick it into the hole provided on the computer, and Bob's yer uncle! Maybe you have a different system.

  2. It does have a card, but i don't see a place to put it in the computer. Of course, i've not had access to an 8-year-old who could have told me this in nothing flat.