Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

wasn't good for me. I felt very unsettled and crabby when everything i had planned for the day went wrong. It was very much a poor me sort of day, and i couldn't snap out of my funk.

Today went much better; a one-line note from a friend who was thinking of me and another who called out of the blue just to say hi really perked me up today.

Funny how a kind small gesture can have such a large effect. I'm glad of it and am thankful for my friends and loved ones.


  1. May I suggest that next year, instead of calling it GOOD Friday, you simply call it Friday, like the rest of us! Who says it has to be GOOD anyway?

  2. Cro, i can call it good for any number of reasons: i don't work weekends as a general rule anymore, so it's good. It was also nearing the end of my Lenten period of no sweets, so it's good.

    And, as i was following along with Lent, it only makes sense for me to mark it as Good Friday.

    Since you are not a follower of Christianity, there would be no need for you to underline this particular Friday as Good Friday.

    As a believer, it is for me the epitome of the darkest before the dawn. My own particular darkest before the dawn, from which sprang forth this post, was very small potatoes indeed, but i am no less grateful to be out from under its shadow.