Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat 8 April 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

Today I finished the third book of the Arundle Chronicles, The Lively Lady, by Kenneth Roberts. A good read, and the last book in this series. I preferred the first two books to this one, although they are all excellent. This one is very heavy on the nautical things, which would make it hard going for some readers, and a few of the characters in this story speak with such an accent that i sometimes had to read what they said a few times to get the meaning. I'm still drooling over Treasure Chests The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes by Lon Schleining.

Rented the movie The Ten Commandments. I marvelled once again at the costumes and pagentry of this Cecil B. DeMille film. Even though i know what's going to happen, i still get caught up in this movie. Every. single. time. The DVD had some bonus features, including a six-part documentary on various aspects of the film, the original "making of" trailer as well as the 1966 and 1989 trailers advertising re-releases of the movie to the big screen, and a newsreel showing the streets of New York on opening night, and zeroing in on the stars in the movie as they attended the premiere as well as other notables like John Wayne with his wife, and William Holden with his wife. There was a sense of glamour that i find decidedly lacking today.

Listening to
Nothing noteworthy this week.

It was hard to top last week's roasted chicken, so i didn't try. LOL I've had a hankering for grilled cheese sandwiches, and made some with harvarti dill cheese and rye bread.

Happy you accomplished this week
I got the taxes done! I spent part of this afternoon and evening doing the last two forms. They aren't due until the 17th this year, but i always like to get them done in time to review for accuracy before sending along.

I got The Lively Lady read before its due date of tomorrow. I have the option of renewing the book and did that for the earlier two books but they were rather long (600-700 pages) so i didn't feel quite so bad needing an extra few days. This one was 274 pages, so i paced myself. When i get a book i really enjoy reading, i want to savour reading it and not feel that i must rush through.

A friend and i had dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant this week after she washed her theatrical hamper chez moi. It was a nice midweek treat, and we both admired our clean hampers. She came by today to pick it up; she had wanted to get a few things sorted at her house and make room for it before she took it home.

Looking forward to next week
I don't have anything special planned. Besides the small piece of fig cake i mentioned in my earlier post today, i had a small glass of Diet Pepsi. I haven't had any of the chocolate covered apricots yet. Not sure when i'm going to cross the sugar threshold. Now that i can, i find myself really wanting to think about it before i do so. I'm glad i have the option and neither the restriction nor the compulsion.

My paycheck on Friday the 13th should show a bit more than previous ones for this year, since i got a small raise. I also got a small bonus, and am unsure whether that check will arrive midmonth or at month's end.

Thankful for today
The cats let me sleep in this morning :-)

The taxes are done!!!!!!!!!!

Although we had snow flurries for a bit today, nothing stuck and did indeed switch over to rain showers. April showers mean rain to me rather than snow.

My leg continues to heal. Only occasional twinges now. We had no hockey today as the rink was closed for Easter, so i ought to be ready to go this coming Sunday for both games.

It's Easter. I gave thanks and have a happy heart.


  1. I saw The Ten Commandments when I was little - my dad took me and my brother to a big theater in downtown L.A, to see it, and so it's always been special. Of course when I think of it now I also can help but think of Billy Crystal's doing Yul Brynner ("Where's your Moses NOW?").

    1. I don't remember seeing this in the cinema, but i do remember turning off all the lights and watching it on tv when they ran it every year around Passover or Easter. I'd pay to see it on the big screen now.

  2. Now that our night-time temperatures are better, the cat sleeps outside. Otherwise he's a pain in the neck (literally; he sleeps curled up under my chin).

    1. Cro, given the beard you sport, it's no wonder the kitty likes to curl up under your chin!

  3. I love The 10 Commandments.. such an amazing movie! Congrat's on the raise & bonus! What a nice blessing!! :) Sounds like your leg is doing well, i'm so glad for you!