Friday, April 13, 2012

Theatrical hamper?

Cro was wishing i had a picture of the large baskets i described that J and i had bought a few weeks back. He thought they sounded like theatrical hampers. I had said i did have pictures but couldn't upload them. Now, i can, so here they are:

This is the one I chose.

And this is the one J chose.

This is JoJo, taking her quality control job very seriously.

I washed mine first, and Jo thought it offered just the right amount of camouflage and shade as it was drying.

A few days later, when the weather was once again nice, J washed hers. Here, you can see that hers still has the leather straps.

We had removed the top to allow for easier washing and faster drying.

On the day we bought these, i also bought a cart made out of buffalo hide.

This is a better view of inside.


  1. I have helped carry Theatrical Hampers just like those (although with that lettering, I'm sure yours aren't).

    Back in the UK, actors working in rep' would take whatever props and clothes they possessed from theatre to theatre, just in case they would be needed. I expect they still do!

  2. I remember when laundry firms that washed for hospitals, etc. had baskets like that - maybe they still do, but I doubt it. Nice things. These days, they make coffins out of the same stuff, and when my friends parents died in the Somerset Levels and the things were carried - creaking - into the church, some whispered, "What a time to deliver the laundry"

    (p.s. I cannot be doing with the word verification this time in the morning, so this might be the last comment - nothing personal)

  3. Thanks, both, for your insight.

    Tom, i wasn't aware that word verification was required when people left comments here. I wonder if that's the default?

    I'll change that as that verfication thing drives me nuts.