Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working at the car wash....

I ran some errands today, and stopped at a few yard sales. One was extremely overpriced, one was unbeknownst to me beforehand all children's clothing, and one was a restaurant closing its doors and selling off bits and bobs. I got a few things at the children's clothing sale, as a friend is expecting a new addition to her family in August.

Feeling as if the morning had been wasted, i was driving home and saw two pubescent girls holding signs for a free carwash. Donations accepted for their 8th grade class. On a whim i pulled in. I decided to stay in my car whilst a group of youngsters hosed down the car and then appllied soapy scrub brushes. My car isn't a common one, so all the kids were eager to wash it. A nondescript white truck pulled up several minutes later, and the adult supervisor had to encourage a few of the kids to stop working on my car and attend to the white truck.

I got a $5 bill ready for when they were done. The adult supervisor asked if i wanted him to chamois the car. As that would clear up any water spots, i thought why not go for the deluxe treatment? So, i nodded.

The kids forgot i was there, and the two girls trying to attract attention to passing motorists started to get very silly as only young teenaged girls can. One was wearing a cardboard sandwich sign to promote the carwash, and the other held up her homemade sign, large letters on the back side of what must have been a huge box. Her enthusiasm was waning, and she sometimes held the sign wrong side out. Another student came over with a straw sombrero for the girls to wear. The one holding the former box sign shied away, saying she couldn't possibly wear that. The sandwich board sign girl said, "Oh, i'll wear it! It will get more people to notice us!"

She donned the hat and proceeded to do a shimmy shimmy shake while laughing hysterically. My mood lightened considerably, and i found myself smiling broadly at their silliness.

The adult supervisor was done using the chamois on my car.

I thanked him and handed him $10. The shimmy shimmy shake was easily worth it.


  1. I love the way that simple small occurances can change your day!

  2. Good for them and hope they reached their goal.

  3. I liked the sound of the restaurant sale. No boxes of cheap Mouton Rothschild, or Cheval Blanc?

  4. Me, too, Joanne.

    Cro, no, nothing of the sort. Cheaply made flatware, a red cupboard with a drawer that wouldn't close properly, and some gift baskets they had made up for tourists that had gone unsold.