Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peepers! I hear peepers!

A sure sign of spring when I hear the peepers.

I wanted to find a sound file so others who don't have these small frogs in their neck of the woods know what it is we're hearing in the back yard just now. So far, i've been unable to add a sound file. I'm sure it's a user fault.

I wanted to do a careful search, as i don't want the porn peepers.

Anyhow, on the wikipedia page where i found the sound file i can't seem to load here, they also mention in the article that on Martha's Vinyard, peepers are called "pinkletinks." Made me laugh as i read it, and i also thought of John Gray's post of funny names.

Spring has sprung! The peepers are here!


  1. Our first notable sign of Spring is hearing the Cuckoo. Lovely sound.

  2. "peepers" are perverts in this country!

  3. Gosh, between bumbags and frogs, it seems a lot changes because of the Pond.