Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat 29 April 2012

Carla says this can be a photo or saying.

"No one is ever too old to learn, but some people just keep putting it off."  As seen on the Farmer’s Almanac Facebook page, 25 April 2012.

I finished reading Captain Caution by Kenneth Roberts. Not sure what to read next, although since i'm gearing up for getting the boat ready, it might be snippets from different boating books in our home library. We've amassed a small collection.

I haven't watched anything noteworthy this week. I did watch a bit of some stand-up comedy, but i didn't find it funny. Guess i'm a tough crowd.

Listening to
Phoebe racing up and down the stairs playing with a sparkle ball. The heat just kicked on.

I splurged on some hydroponic tomatoes, sliced them, and poured over a simple vinaigrette comprising balsamic vinegar, black pepper, and dijon mustard. Yummy!

Happy you accomplished this week
My neighbour installed the light switch in the wonky light fixture in the dining room. Wonky no more! I mentioned that we'd take him and his wife out to dinner as a thank you. They both agreed that we can go out for dinner, but we can go Dutch. He said we can repay him in sailing time.

I went back to the animal shelter yesterday to see if any dogs needed walkies. All the dogs have been adopted!! There is a new dog coming, but she won't be ready for walkies until later in the week. I did see a wonderful, shy, black cat i'd like to bring home. Phoebe was very needy all day today, her tail got bushy for no reason that i could tell, and even though i washed all the clothes i wore at the shelter, i realised finally, that i was wearing the same shoes today. She must still smell the other cats on them. I did ask for a sign if i could consider bringing this new kitty home. Not the sign i wanted, but the message is clear: for now, the answer is no.

Updated my spending log. Ahem. I totally fell off the waggon for March and April, although i had receipts and made a few half-hearted attempts on the back of a few envelopes. So, i didn't even try to track my no spends or no drive days. Here's hoping i'll be more diligent in May.

Made out the boat list. The weather should be warming up this week, so i might be able to get started.

I got the lawn mower started. It wouldn't start for me on Wednesday, and the back yard is very thick, so i knew the mowing needed to happen soon. I figured i'd try again Thursday to see if i could get it started, before having to ask Himself or another man to start it for me (and yes, i did succumb last year and ask for help. After the initial start-up, it was fine the rest of the mowing season. Just cranky at the very beginning.) It finally turned over, and i got the back yard and side yard where the boat is all mowed before the rain came back. Front and other side yard has sparser grass, so it wasn't as critical to get that done, but i'm thinking some time this week would be fine.

Looking forward to next week
Puttering around in the garden and getting to work on the boat list.

Thankful for today
We have light in the dining room! Woo-hoo!!

Very fun last day of hockey for the season. Last week, one player fell funny into the boards. Turns out, she broke her fibula and has some ligament damage :0( She is on the mend, though and ought to make a complete recovery. :0)

I won an ebay auction for an Origio Heat Pal that i can use on the boat. It's an older model that doubles as a heater and single burner stove. Non-pressurised alcohol sort, so no worries about explosions, and in case of fire, i can use water to put out the flame. So far, we've done sails for just part of the day, but we were thinking about doing an overnight trip, and it would be nice to boil water for tea. Also, should we find it really chilly, having the luxury of warming up the cabin would be wonderful. The boat is a 19' sloop (~5.8 m), so the Heat Pal would work wonderfully well. Compact, low maintenance, and nearly idiot proof.


  1. MIRACLE. I managed to mow all over yesterday too. My machine has a Honda engine, and starts with the minimum effort EVERY time.

  2. Cro, our mower is a Lawn Boy, which advertises itself as always easy to start. I do think if i had a bit more upper body strength i could have had the machine going on Wednesday.

    When i succumbed for help, it was when a male friend was visiting. He said he'd be glad to take a look. We went into the barn, we primed the engine, he pulled the string, and it started on the second pull.

    When the engine did turn over for me on Thursday, it *did* feel like a miracle.

  3. Can either of you take a look at my mower please, you both seem to have the magic touch.

    Love to see pics of your boat Megan...

  4. Funny about the stand up comedian, I find a lot of them "non-funny" too.. such is life. Glad you got your light switch fixed, that's gotta make you happy!! :) Have a great week!!

  5. megan
    dont be seduced by chris' requests
    he's a perv

  6. No, John, I wanted to see photos of the boat not Megan on the boat wearing a bikini...


    ...actually, now you mention it...

  7. Trust me, you DON'T want to see me in a bikini.

    I have thought of doing a post or two about the boat.