Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's the little things that make a delightful day

The cats let me sleep in.

I went to the animal shelter to see about walking a dog. They said i could stop by any time, and they had one who could use a walk right then. She was 4-month old Tiger Lily, and although the tiger part doesn't get her attention, the Lily part does. She's a black lab and shepherd mix. Nearly all black with a little patch of white on her chest and two little bits on her front paws, as if daubed with white paint. She tried biting the leash (lead) a few times, and if i stopped, she often sat beside me. She pulled a bit, and i let her sniff to her heart's content.

Two corgis at a house we passed took great interest only after we were all the way past their house and had turned around to come back on the other side of the road when first one barked, then the other. Lily sat down and stared at them. She seemed loathe to continue, but after a few minutes of their barking, i told her we needed to be on our way.

She's a happy little thing, and i felt i could have walked her for another hour at least. But, i'm new to the shelter and didn't want them thinking i took off with her.

It's been nearly 10 years since i walked a dog. I forgot how many people smile at you when walk with one.

They told me to come back any time i need a dog fix, and they'll be glad to let me walk whatever dogs need it. I'm thinking that going over my lunch hour would be just the thing.


  1. Very cool! You know, I'd never thought of this but it could be something I could do when I need a dog fix. I must investigate!

  2. Firstly, that sounds like a very good mix; a bit like combining my two.

    We have a friend back in the UK who walks dogs for a rescue centre; she absolutely loves it, and sends us pictures of all her little friends.

    Someone once told me that the best way to meet people was to have either a puppy or a baby. In about 1971 I had both, and I've never known such friendliness!